Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gundam Fandom and Model Kit Building

I am a huge Gundam fan, and most other mech anime. I fell in to Gundam like most American Gundam fans did in 2000 with the premiere of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network's Toonami block, and with that made want to know more about the series, and all that came before it. Thanks to emergence of mass Anime appeal in America, the internet, and a great web site, Mecha Domain I slowly learned everything about the Gundam franchise I could, all the TV series and movies, characters, Mobile Suits, and the technologies. After 10 years I seen almost every Gundam production, own almost every American Gundam DVD releases, 98 Gundam Action Figures, 15 completed model kits, 6 Gundam video games, a complete series of Gundam Wing trading cards, and T-shirts among tons of other stuff.

So as a Gundam fan I naturally got in the model kit building (Gunpla), starting with my favorite Gundam from the Gundam Wing TV series Gundam Heavyarms. Which I bought at a Toys-R-Us back when Gundam Wing first came out, and you use to be able to buy Gundam model kits at American retail stores, but only the ones Bandai America released in english packaging from recently shown Gundam shows on Cartoon Network. Nowadays us American Gunpla builders have buy our kits at on-line stores or import shops,  which is kinda of great cause it's the same places we get our supplies like paint markers, razors, pliers, ect.

So speaking of Gundam model kits, I'm currently  in the middle of constructing my 16th model kit, RX-78-3 Gundam G3, so expect me post updates of my progress on him, and future kits I do down the line. Also Checkout my new page of all my past completed Gundam models.

Box for G3 Vs. Char's Dom 
G3 Update 01: Chest, Arms, and Legs

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