Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Crimson Dynamo & Titanium Man Review

Good move on Hasbro's part for the vague bio on the back of Crimson Dynamo's card because this particular armor is the sixth Crimson Dynamo Valentin Shatalov. Personally I think Valentin's suit makes the best 6in. action figure and Hasbro perfectly recreated it in plastic here, straight out the comics right down to the non-symmetrical designs on he's shoulders, superb attention. He's only accessory is the same exact projectile launcher that has come with nearly every Iron Man movie figure, but who cares he's an awesome highly poseable figure.

Titanium Man has always been Boris Bullski here sculpted in he's most current armor. Like Dynamo, T-Man comes with a repackaged projectile weapon which originally came with the movie version of Titanium Man now painted the same color green as he's armor. I really have to hand it to Hasbro, sometimes they skimp out and do repaints or part mash-ups but with Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man they went all out with completely new sculpts with no shared parts between them phenomenally painted and detailed, if you collect 6in. Marvel figures and you see either or both of these guys at retail pick them up, they're fricking outrageously overpriced online.

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