Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marvel Universe Extremis Iron Man & Wolverine

Iron Man's armor before he's current "Bleeding Edge" armor was the "Extremis" armor thanks to the Extremis nano-virus which allows Tony to liquify and store the gold under-armor inside he's bones, and techno-kinetically call forth the outer red armor, all which is directly connected to Tony's mind and nervous system which he controls as a second skin, and can cyberneticly interface with any other technology. The figure is painted in a incredible metallic dark red that perfect assents the gold pieces, and I have to give Hasbro high praise for the painted in panel lines that bring out the sculpted details. The only real negative point I have with this figure is he's leg articulation at the hip, the don't move at all, the legs are on the ball joints so tight that if played with could snap, real poor design there, and again I hate the stupid funnel energy blast.

Yay, my first Marvel Universe 3 3/4 inch Wolverine shown here wearing an X-Men training uniform which the entire team wore for a short while to have a uniform look but when the original X-Men came back and the Blue and Gold teams were formed, Logan went back to he's brown and tan costume. This is actually the running change second release of this figure, he's first release have different less detailed head, I like the detail on this one, but I would liked him gritting he's teeth over he's somber look he has. Wolverine's one low mark is he's legs, he's legs move great at the hips in all directions but when aligned straight are still at an angle making he's feet not touch the ground flat which makes him difficult to stand up and falls over easily, legs could of used a calf twist Hasbro.

U.S. Agent: I was the only other 90's character he had in this scale.

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