Saturday, December 3, 2011

Soul Calibur V: Can Not Wait!

First off the staff user Xiba has been revealed as Kilik's successor in Soul Calibur V, finally I was worried there. Especially since I need a staff user to give my custom Cable character he's fighting style and weapon. I may be glad that a staff user is still in the game but I'm really gonna miss my favorite character Kilik, and he's saying "Listen to the beat of my soul."

The new Yoshimitsu looks awesomely wicked, as does Lizardman, sweet he has two axes now, wonder what custom character I could use that style for. Totally surprised to see Dampierre make the jump to the console from the PSP, definitely gonna make a custom Joker out of he's fighting style. Not sure how to take Ezio Auditore as the guest character, never liked the Assassin's Creed games, but from what footage I've seen looks to be fun fighter to play as, damn usually can't use a guest fighter's fighting style, perhaps could of been a new version of my custom Deadpool.

I usually don't get collector's editions of video game unless I really love the game or comes with something really cool, which SC5 falls in both with an art book, exclusive armors, soundtrack disc, oh and did I mention it all comes in a book, SOLD. I have to say Soul Calibur is my favorite fighting video game right next to Tekken, but I'll tell you now I can't wait to get this game to make custom characters, trust me comic book heroes and villains and anime characters will be filling up the custom slots really quick. I mean just checkout this trailer that shows how much more detail, scars, patterns on clothes, and hair styles to choose from to closer make a completely personalized custom fighter or get that favorite hero as close as possible.

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