Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Transformers Generations Sky Shadow

Sky Shadow or Black Shadow as he was known in Japan in a episode of the Transformers: Victory anime and toyline, who has the distinction of not only being a veil Decepticon but also a Space Gangster as he was listed under function on he's original bio. I have been wanting this guy for a long time, ever since I saw he's original boxart picture well before Hasbro ever made a modern rendition of Thunderwing of which the original Black Shadow was also a repaint and retooling of. So when the new Thunderwing did come out I of course got him, but continued to hope Hasbro would pay homage to their shared legacy, and for one am overly glad that they did.

Sky Shadow just looks like the perfect evil example of a Decepticon, and he's new black, silver, and red deco and new head and chest pieces awesomely create a new character different from Thunderwing. There is one thing about the figure I am not pleased about, on the back of he's card and in press release photos he's shoulder pads and forearms are painted black, on the released figure they are not, leaving he's entire arm all the same color gray, WTH Hasbro. If your a huge Transformers fan, or just have a few cool Transformers you need Sky Shadow.   

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