Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Justice League Movie: How I Would Make It

So director George Miller was recently talking about the Justice League movie he almost made that was cancelled before production started, and that got me thinking about who would I like to see portray the heroes and villains, and what kind of story I think would made a great film. First I'll start off with would play who:

Superman/Clark Kent = Matt Bomer: He's the only actor I haven't seen in anything besides "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" which I try not to remember, but he was on the shortlist of actors considered to play Supes in the currently filming "Man of Steel", and he looks the part too, that's enough for me.

Batman/Bruce Wayne = Jim Caviezel: I have been watching Mr. Caviezel recently in the TV show "Person of Interest", and if you've watched it too then you know this man has the acting, the voice, and physical training to be a great Batman, I even believe he was in the running to be The Dark Knight back in 2005. He is my #1 choice not just for a Justice League movie but also for the next solo Batman film.

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan = Ben Browder: If you've seen "Farscape" and the last two season of "Stargate SG-1" you know he would be the perfect, PER-FECT, Hal Jordan. Ben can masterfully portray seriousness, cockiness, quick wit, and action hero interchangeably on the fly. Ryan Reynolds wishes he had half the talent Ben has, Ben proves you don't need to be a comedian to be funny.

Wonder Woman/Diana = Tricia Helfer: Yes, I think the beauty that played Cylon Model 6 on "Battlestar Galactica" would make the perfect regel, and at the same time furious Amazon warrior princess the screen has been waiting for.

Flash/Barry Allen = Alan Tudyk: A truly under-appreciated and under-used actor, I love this guy he's been in tons of TV shows and movies and each is better for having him in them so I know he could fantastically pull off shy crime lab scientist and fast thinking and funny super hero.

Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz = Chiwetel Ejiofor: After seeing him as a creepy assassin in the Firefly movie "Serenity" I saw that Chiwetel is a phenomenal actor that can play the lost soul using he's abilities to help he's new world that is The Last Son of Mars.

Aquaman/Arthur Curry = Jesse Spencer: Aquaman may not be everyones favorite DC Superhero, but I think a JL movie would be the best place to get him on the big screen and after seeing Spencer for 8 years on "House" I think he can handle the some times fierce loner, sometimes wise King, and sometimes swashbuckling Atlantean.

Vandal Savage = Viggo Mortensen: Look at that pic, make he's hair longer and he's beard thicker and you got your self a live-action Vandal Savage, and we all know Viggo could pull off an immortal warlord.

Maxwell Lord = Christopher Waltz: The movie "Inglorious Basterds" break out surprise was Waltz's amazing scene stealing acting, and I think this is the guy to play the double-crossing hero-hating S.O.B.

If you've noticed I have chosen actors that are in their late 30's or 40's cause this is what I think a Justice League movie needs, that the team comes together for a crisis but before hand they were each already veterans long into their own heroic careers around the world and universe but never actually worked together, heard of each other but never made an effort to meet one another (except Batman, of course Batman has information on them all). What the movie doesn't need is a bunch of new to Hollywood 20-something actors just looking pretty and either under or over acting because "it's a comic-book movie". See Marvel it making a movie for each Avenger before the team movie, but DC needs to do the opposite and make the team movie first to generate interest in their other heroes and that will lead to new fans to want to see the other heroes in their own individual movies.

I don't think the film should have one main character, I think it should show all the heroes equally and really show that they have to combine their abilities and work as a team, but the best character to start off the film and the one that brings the heroes together should be Martian Manhunter. As the only hero of the seven that has never been portrayed in live action either of film or TV (yes I know of the '97 JLA TV pilot, but it never aired) it's he's turn to be introduced to a larger audience. My story would start with J'onn as he is transported to Earth well before the infant Kal-El's arrival, and then later he'll be our guide that quickly through voiced-over inner-monolog introduces us to the other heroes and once getting them together informs them of what is endangering the Earth and that it will take all of them stop it.

Now with a movie with seven super-heroes it needs a great villain to be behind the civilization destroying threat, one that is both a physical and intellectual match for the League and I believe the over 50,000 year old immortal Vandal Savage is a perfect foil for the team but at the same time can be totally maniacal. In addition I would include Maxwell Lord to a be behind the scenes villain complete with he's mind-controlling power, while actively looking to be a regular guy helping the League is secretly helping Savage by misleading the heroes to make sure they find don't out who he is and what's he's up to. Hollywood when it comes to the costumes all you have to do is make them look exactly like they do in the comics just made out of realistic materials (the Spider-Man movies proved that), and Martian Manhunter's appearance has to be makeup not CGI for the love Jack Kirby, please I hope you learned from your mistakes (cough, greenlantern, cough), Warner Bros. I hope you read this.


  1. That's a genius idea to introduce the characters before having them in their own television show. You have chosen a fine cast who look the role and a great villain. They're all perfect!

    Can I just ask whether you have a story planned out for this and if so could you put this on your blog if not done so already and who would you have as a director?

    1. Thank you. Hmm wow I gonna to think about both of those, but when I think of them, write it up, and I be sure to sure to make it a new post.

      Thanks for commenting.