Monday, November 14, 2011

Top 10 Marvel Universe Wants

So now that I have started down the dark path of collecting Marvel Universe 3.75 inch figures, and Hasbro is starting to put better effort into their sculpts I have found myself starting to yearn to see some of my favorite characters released in future waves. So here is my top 10 wants I would like to see sculpted and released:

#1 Stryfe: Yes, now that he is close to becoming a Marvel Legend, I must also have Cable's nemesis in the 3.75in scale. I personally want he's classic look, but I wouldn't mind he's recent Messiah War appearance.

#2 Abomination: Hasbro has been doing the big guys really well, so I know their Abomination can not disappoint, especially if it'll were a all new sculpt instead if painted on detail.

#3 Ghost Rider II (Danny Ketch): I was really surprised we got Johnny Blaze's original Ghost Rider look before the leather jacket and spikes modern version the Danny Ketch started.

#4 Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo): Still waiting for a Marvel Legend of him as well, and as a major Avengers and Captain America villain he demands to be made. Don't care if it's he's classic or modern look as long as I get Zemo.

 #5 Ultimate Thor: With Ultimate Captain America, and Ultimate Iron Man already in 3.75 scale we need Thor to complete the Ultimate Trinity, and hopefully start the trend of getting more Ultimate heroes made.

#6 Black Panther (Man Without Fear): I don't know if other fans
like T'Challa's new costume when he became Hell's Kitchen's guardian, but I love it and definitely can't wait to see it in articulated plastic. An easy paint variant would be American Panther.
#7 Omega Red: Classic essential Wolverine and X-Men villain just dying to be made, 'nuff said.

#8 Mephisto: Speak of the devil and he shall appear. You can display him menacing any one, from Ghost Rider to Silver Surfer to Thanos, and even Spider-Man.

#9 Annihilus: The Living Death That Walks, Lord of The, Negative Zone, and classic villain of The Fantastic Four would be a sweet challenge I would like to see Hasbro tackle.

#10 Deathlok: OK, he's a personal want I would like to see made. With Deathlok's reappearance in Wolverine: Weapon X and Uncanny X-Force he should have gain new fans, so it should a perfect time for a new Deathlok figure. I don't care which one is made, I'm a fan of all three.


  1. Well you got three out of your list now!

  2. Good idea that what I'm talking about it's about time something better are gonna be release soon heck yeah