Sunday, November 27, 2011

Centurions & Skeletons: Sweet!

Hell yeah, anyone that watched Cartoon Network between 1994 and 1996 watched Centurions, and now coming out on DVD December 6th. 3 guys each with specialized weapon system battle suits beamed down to them from a fricking space station, yep my 10 year brain was hooked. Definitely can't wait to get this DVD and then the whole 60 episode series, Man and Machine, POWER XTREME!

Here's one from '94 I use to watch on Saturday mornings also coming out December 6th, living skeletons battle guys with speeder bikes, and laser guns, oh yeah I was there. I love seeing cartoons from my childhood coming out on DVD for today's kids to see, to stop them from watching some of the weird crap that's called children's entertainment these days. Now where's my Spider-Man animated series on DVD Disney?

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