Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crossbones Review

The elusively rare Crossbones, badass Captain America villain, and right-hand man and pupil of The Red Skull has added to my collection. I think I got all the comic character figures I wanted from the Captain America: The First Avenger line, the regular "Heavy Artillery" Cap I feel is little short to fit in with other Marvel Universe figure but I'm still on the fence about him, and I don't care for the WWII Ultimate Cap or New Excalibur Captain Britain who is also criminally short. Just like the comic figures in Iron Man 2 line, these figures in the Cap line are must haves, and fit in with the Marvel Universe figures great, it's strange the Thor line didn't have a comic character sub-series, I would of loved to been able to get other Thor costumes and villains.

Crossbones's height and build are perfect, even he's detail and colors are comic accurate, way better then the mismatched colored version that came in a two pack. CB comes equipped with two sub-machine guns and an assault rifle, their drab olive color is kinda of an odd though, it's a shame there's no holster for one of the SMGs or a slot or hook on he's back for the rifle so he could carry them all. I love that he's tactical vest is a separate softer plastic piece leaving the big shirted torso for future repaints as new characters.

"Goodbye Captain."
Deadpool: So that's a "no" to a team-up Merc buddy?

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