Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1/144 Gundam Epyon Review

Epyon is my fourth 1/144th scale Gundam Wing model kit, but those other three kits I built around 12 years ago back when Gundam Wing first debuted in America starting my Gundam fandom. Being an older kit brought back memories of those early first ever model kits building days, but also those old school limitations and challenges, #1: more painting then in modern kits, and #2: stickers for details that would be separate plastic pieces if  it was made today like the top of he's feet, chest vents, and most importantly he's face plate which is just a sticker here. Construction difficulties aside he came out quite awesome looking, I don't think he would of came out this great looking if I built him 12 years ago, cause back then I would painted he's arm claws yellow, kept the top of he's legs the color they were, and painted he's beam sword just regular Gundam Marker green. Epyon here even has the ability to transform in to he's mobile armor "Dragon" mode, which even with he's limited articulation of the time still pulls it rather nicely, which may or may not make you fly him around your house singing Rob Zombie's Dragula.   

With Epyon complete I have now added him and my last three completed kits to the Gundam Model Kit page where you can see all 21 of my finished model kits.

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