Saturday, June 23, 2012

Marvel Universe Cyclops Review

As a huge X-Men fan reading the comics in the early 90's you know I love me all of Jim Lee's Blue and Gold teams costume designs, so the default Cyclops in my mind and the version I want of him in every collection/scale/series is this one right here. Not only is he my default Cyclops but the 90's Blue and Gold Teams is the definitive incarnation of the X-Men I always want to see completed, we got about under half of them made so far, still need the likes of 90's Bishop and 90's Beast, and a couple others in their 90's costumes. Most of Cyke's body I believe is the Hawkeye mold, with his head, forearms, hands, and lower legs being new pieces with soft plastic straps, and his trademark chest baldric to complete his costume.

All of his slip-on pieces have superbly painted on details, the red and black for X's is mandatory, but the touches of gold on his belts and straps are a real amazing stand out I was really surprised by. In addition to his new parts Slim sports the new thigh cut articulation giving him well over 20 points of articulation, making him one of the most poseable Marvel Universe figures on par with his son Cable and series mate Scarlet Spider. This rendition of the X-Men leader is a true must have for all X-Men fans and MU collectors, and one step closer to completing the Blue and Gold Teams.

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