Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gundam Blue Destiny Unit 2 Review

Gundam Side Story: The Blue Destiny stared out as a trilogy of Sega Saturn games which was then compiled in to one single game, and then become a novelization. The Blue Destiny project, where three upgraded RX-79 Gundam units were installed with the EXAM System which gives the pilots Newtype level piloting abilities. Blue Destiny Unit 2 was hijack and used by Zeon Ace pilot Nimbus Schterzen after his EXAM equipped Efreet Custom was destroyed in combat against the Blue Destiny Unit 1.

I being totally intrigued with getting this model kit for a long time for multiple reasons like being a Gundam all in one color other then white, the white arm joints, and his beam rifle being molded in two separate colors. Being an upgraded version on the RX-79 he uses the same armaments in beam rifle and beam sabers, and even has the extra ammo clips for a 100mm machine gun which he doesn't come with. Like the RX-79 series Unit 2 store his beam saber in the calf of his legs which the model recreates by removing the holster door and reattaching at an angle to appear opened.

This kit really didn't require any painting but I choose to paint the top thrusters of his vernier pack white instead of using the white sticker included because it covered the actual sculpted vents inside I wanted to paint black. In the future I would like to paint his should pads red which Nimbus did after he stole it to match his previous mobile suit's paint scheme. I very happy to finally have this kit, and might even try to get the other two Blue Destiny units, I just wish Bandai will get around to making the Efreet Custom, and maybe even the other Efreet variation Schneid and Nacht.

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