Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Movie Masters Man of Steel General Zod

This is the Zod I been waiting for, not the black jumpsuit version that doesn't have the evil goatee, this is the Kryptonian Armored leader of the remnants of Phantom Zone prisoners ready to do cruel and violent things in the name of rebuilding Krypton, and has the way better held sculpt that resembles actor Michel Shannon. Zod's armor is wonderfully sculpted, very meticulously recreating the costume from the film, molded in an almost glossy black with various different applications of silver paint, brushed on for scratches, over-spray on the legs for age ware, and speckled on the waist armor. I love the gray fading and tattered cape, it goes perfect withe armor and character.

 The General has the same 20 points of articulation that Superman has, but I would like to point out the weird placement of his knee joint, they decided to slice through the sculpted knee armor instead of sculpting it so the top of the knee armor moves with the lower leg, quite an odd design choice. Zod comes with two accessories, a small figure stand with his family symbol, and his breathing helmet that's very reminiscent of the Engineers from Prometheus, but I personally think it's also a homage to the Russian General Zod that was in the comics in the early 2000's. Well, I've got the two Man of Steel Movie Masters action figures I wanted, I'm not interested in Faora or Armored Jor-El, and I think the only other Movie Master they could make that I would buy would be Amy Adams' Lois Lane.

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