Thursday, July 11, 2013

Marvel Legends Ghost Rider II (Modern) Review

Danny Ketch was the Ghost Rider of the 90's, he is my Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider comics are my second largest collection under all the various X-Men titles. I never got the original Toy Biz Ketch Ghost Rider, so I'm finally glad to have the second Ghost Rider in figure form, even though he's not in his 90's leathers. You may notice this Ghost Rider has a blue flamed head instead more the commonly known orange flames, this is Ghost Rider re-powered and in service of the Archangel Zadkiel who revealed the powers of the Spirits of Vengeance actually come from Heaven not Hell.

The core of the figure is reused from Marvel Legends two-pack Ronin, but you can barely tell with the new flaming and spiked shoulder padded jacket slip over, hip armor, new lower forearms and hands, new lower legs and boots, and the awesomely sculpted and painted head with wicked translucent blue plastic flames that makes this figure a stand out must have. The jacket doesn't hinder his articulation to much, his arms can't be placed directly at his sides, it keeps them out at an angle, and for the ab-crunch he can lean forward but not backwards cause of the jacket coat tails. Major props to Hasbro for the paint applications on his shoulder pads, gauntlets, knee pads, and shin guards, they're molded in black but then brushed with silvery gray giving them a great aged battle worn look to the armor pieces, but it's the blue paint airbrushed on the skull that incredibly gives the illusion of it being covered in blue flames that seals the figure as action figure badassery.

Sadly GR doesn't come with any accessories, I had to borrow a chain from a movie Ghost Rider figure for the above pic, it would of been cool if he came with a real metal chain with a hook on the end, but he does come with both arms of the build-a-figure Terrax. It does suck he doesn't come with a bike to sit on like the GR figures from the glorious Toy Biz days, perhaps one day we'll get an all Ghost Rider Marvel Legends series with a build-a-motorcycle, now that would be fricking sweet Hasbro. Return of Marvel Legends Series 1 Ghost Rider has a variant with orange flames, which he has appeared as in this costume, but I think the blue fits this costume better and is more eye catching and helps distinguish Danny Ketch from his brother's flaming visage.

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