Thursday, October 6, 2016

Current Comic Pulls

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) #0-7 & Annual #1
Damn! This comic is addicting, if you are any level of Power Ranger fan, especially if you're an original fan from the Mighty Morphin' era and of Tommy The Green Ranger, then this a must have monthly pull. Writter Kyle Higgins has crafted an amazing window back into Season 1 of the most popular teen superhero/sci-fi/martial arts/monster fighting TV show adapted from Japanese Super Sentai, and with visually high-powered and energetic art by Hendry Prasetya it draws you back in to this world but shows a side with darker tones and insane scenery that a childern's TV show couldn't back then. 

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Pink (Boom! Studios) #1-3
A six issue mini-series focusing on the original Pink Ranger Kimberly after her days a Power Ranger, but while training in France comes across an evil plot that needs her to call upon her old powers and old friends. Written by Brendan Fletcher and Kelly Thompson with fluid animated cartoon like art by Daniele Di Nicuolo gives us a fantastic and fitting tale that fills in a gap always wondered by Power Ranger fans. Don't want to spoil anything about the story, but I can say the writers definitely did their homework so not disrupt anything in show cannon or present continuity that I highly applaud. 

DC Rebirth Superman One-Shot & #1-7
Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are awesome together, I've followed their work from Green Lantern Corps to New 52 Batman & Robin, and as long as they are the team for this book I will continue picking it up. Father and son is the core element driving the Man of Steel's newest ongoing solo title, and with Tomasi and Gleason's previous work on Batman & Robin they definitely know how to create an emotional, yet still fun and action packed monthly parent and child adventure. I love the idea of bringing back the original Superman from the Pre-Flashpoint universe, he is the ultimate hero and beckon of hope that the New 52 Superman never tried to be, and now give him a son who's coming in to his own powers, it's such an great story telling device that we have never seen Clark in before.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1-4 
I know there is a lot of hate for the current story arc being penned by Nick Spencer, but I'm loving it, it is a Cap story that's never been done before, and I'll admit it, I wasn't originally gonna pick up this title up, but after all the controversy and commotion of the final page shocker I had to judge it for myself. The new costume is even growing on me, way better the ugly Marvel NOW! redesign, I think I'm actually looking forward to a Marvel Legend figure of it. The only thing I'm not digging is it's starting to get dragged in the stupid Civil War II event currently going on, and I really wish it didn't cause it's interrupting this great new narrative that has to now be inter-weaved by company mandate, really annoying. 

I'm considering also picking up Suicide Squad and Trinity, Suicuide Sqaud because of the Jim Lee artwork and the inclusion of General Zod as an antagonist, and Trinity cause it looks to follow and or tie into the Superman & son dynamic, and I'm a fan of Francis Manapul's work on New 52 Flash. For a huge Marvel fan and collector this is strange for me right now with my most favorite comic is from neither of the Big Two publishers, and thinking of following three DC titles but only one from Marvel, just goes to show you how great DC has risen their talents and business strategies cause I've bought a lot DC comics in the last 5 years. It's not entirely Marvel's fault, I'm behind on a lot of X-Men and Avengers stories I'm trying to catch up on while DC's Rebirth titles are great jumping on points and has me looking forward to the next issues every comic shop visit. 

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