Sunday, October 9, 2016

NYCC 2016 Marvel Legends Reveals


New York Comic-Con 2016 happened over the weekend, and right off the bat on Thursday preview night revealed new upcoming Marvel Legends figures for the end of this year and early next year.

HOLY SHIT! There is no one more excited to see Death's Head II as a Marvel Legend then me, he is my favorite Marvel UK charater, and I can not wait to have this guy on my shelf. If you know me then you know I'm obsessed time-traveling cyborgs, I have almost every comic Death's Head II has ever appeared in, I'd never thought Hasbro would ever even consider ever making him. No word yet if he's a regular figure or a build-a-figure, but pretty sure he's going to be in the next Guardians of The Galaxy wave along with also revealed Adam Warlock.

Wow, Hasbro is really checking off my most wanteds off my list with early X-Force Shatterstar, he'll go perfectly with Cannonball, but now what are the odds of ever completing that team? Old Man Logan is also a surprise, but can't say he was exactly on my wishlist, don't get me wrong I loved the original Old Man Logan story, but not a fan of bringing him to present MCU to stand in 'til 616 Wolverine is brought back to life. I would really like to see a Old Man Logan Marvel Select though.

Sandman was revealed to be the build-a-figure for the next Spider-Man wave, very cool looking, and love the interchangeable arms and heads, but other then two figures I really don't want any other figures in the wave, so I don't think I'll be building him, I'll just stick with my Toybiz Spider-Man Classics Sandman. I will be getting the new Shocker figure to add to Spidey's rouge gallery, I missed out on the previous Spider-Man Classics one, and this one doesn't have gimmicky non-articulated arms. The other figure I want from the wave is the black suit Spider-Man , I love the new Spider-Man buck, and really looking forward to adding the symbiote suit the variation line up.

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