Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Comic Pulls

DC Rebirth All-Star Batman #1-3
I forgot to  review the first issue in my last pull report, by now I've read three, and holy Bat-shit is it fricking good. John Romita Jr. is one of my all time favorite comic book artist, dead even with Jim  Lee, both #1 to me. Romita's rugged and insanely detailed art brings such a high-octane dynamic to Batman and his villains that makes you cheer at every page. Don't let the All-Star title fool you, this is in in-continuity book, which basically is a continuation of Scott Snyder's New 52 Batman run, so if you we're a fan of that run here's more.  
 Captain America: Steve Rogers #5
 I repeat from last time, I'm loving the Hydra Cap story, but I hate that it has to be squeezed in the lack-luster Civil War II event. Most of the issue was a recap of what's been happening in CW2 from Steve's point of view. Spenser's take on altered history Cap is great, he's still Steve but with his own agenda now, and really liking Javier Pina's art over previous artist Jesus Saiz's issues.

DC Rebirth Suicide Squad One-Shot & #1-4
I will admit I am mostly buying this comic for the Jim Lee artwork, but I am feeling like writer Rob Williams isn't a very good writer and not creating the proper situations for Lee's extraordinary talent to illustrate. I like that the one-shot introduce us to Rick Flag and where he's been during the New 52, and thus making the team resemble the current live-action movie line-up. I'm hoping the first four issues were rushed and stretched out, and that starting with issue #5 that it'll get more interesting. 

 DC Rebirth Supergirl One-Shot & #1-2
I read the first 12 issues of the New 52 Supergirl run, and enjoyed the new angrier and more Kryptonian loner take on Kara Zor-El but Rebirth is turning her into the more classic "new girl on Earth" with an adoptive family complete with more classic costume. I do like that adoptive parents and new secret identity are supplied by the D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations) to appear similar to the current live-action TV series. My main draw to the new series was the return of Cyborg Superman, and I'm not gonna spoil it but I approve of his new original identity for him. 

 DC Rebirth Superman #8
Again, can not recommend this series enough, best book coming out of Rebirth right now. Staying strong with the father and son dynamic, but now a quick story arc with dinosaurs. Will be picking up this book as long as this writing/drawing team stays on. 

  DC Rebirth Trinity #1
Wow, how man comics have you seen written, drawn, and colored all by the same person, I applaud Francis Manapul. The new ongoing tells the tale of Batman and Wonder Woman wanting to get to know the new Superman from a previous universe, and with this issue show them coming to have dinner with Clark and his family, and start to see them begin to form new personal relationships with each other from scratch. I like it, this trio isn't the trinity of long times friends but of three personalities coming together each with a different view of each other. 

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