Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Five More From E3

In addition to the Star Trek trailer I posted yesterday here are five more trailers from E3 that are boons from Gaming Heaven.

Oh yes, my #1 absolute above all other games in 2012. Did you see that? Holo-knife sank, woah! Truly the best completely original new game trilogy.

I love Soul Calibur, not just for the awesome weapon based fighting, but also the ability to create completely custom characters and the joy of making them. Your looking at the guy who has all fifty custom slots filled on Soul Cailbur IV from comic book characters to anime, to even 80's cartoons, and still to this day keeps on making new ones. So short story, I am stoked for Soul Calibur V.

I don't own a 3DS yet but I am gonna try my best to have one by the time this comes out. If you haven't noticed yet on this blog I am a Resident Evil fanatic/whore, I must play this game. Hell it looks 10 times better then Operation Raccoon City, but I get to that in a bit.

Man you got to love these Old Republic cinematic trailers, every one of them is better then the entire prequel trilogy. Hell, these three trailers stretched in to full length movies would be epic, but would best be shown backwards like these trailers with Darth Malgus attacking Coruscant first, then years ago ravaging Alderaan, and lastly even further back with the retaking of Korriban. Still not 100% sure I'm even going to play this on my computer or PS3 but damn these trailers are cool.

A new X-Men game, so as a long time X-fan this peaks my interest. Can't decided if I like any of the three characters you can be, but I do like the idea of fighting beside the X-Men, and Magneto taunting you to join him.

I'd also like to give my thoughts on a few other trailers I've watched, and weren't as impressed with. These trailers I have provided links for to watch.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccon City: Did not like this trailer or any of the actual gameplay footage. Just doesn't look, sound, or play like a Survival Horror game to me. I know this game was made by the people that make the SOCOM games, but that's what it looks like, SOCOM with zombies. I sorry other then RE in the title and the joy of seeing Leon and Claire in new graphics it's really not holding anything else for me. 

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Hmm, first where is news and new trailers for Versus XII? Hope it hasn't been canceled. Second, I don't know how I should feel about this game, XIII was my first Final Fantasy and I haven't even finished it yet. A sequel without any of it's original main characters seems like a strange move to me, so I'm kind of neutral in acceptance of it, will wait and see.

Lord of The Rings: War In The North: I love the LotR movies, so a new story with a new enemy happening at the same time as the War of The Ring, I am interested. What's not making me total psyched on getting this game is the combat and gameplay aspect, I have had poor experiences with games like Dragon Age, so this might be a rent first or wait for reviews.

DMC: Arg, just that title makes me sick to death of hearing of the continued existence of this game, and this trailer just comes ask a kick to the nuts of the Devil May Cry fans, he's hair will turn white when he uses he's demon powers. Never have I ever wanted a representative of a company to be around to punch in the damn face. I do not care if the story of this game does turn out to be demons have taken over the world and are making Dante not look like himself and think he's crazy, the character design is just horrible. Capcom has lose their minds allowing this redesign, shame on you Capcom, shame on you.

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