Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern Movie Review

I enjoyed this movie, was it a perfect adaptation from page to screen?, no, but I can understand why it was made the way it was. You have to look at the movie this way, not only is this an origin movie of Hal Jordan becoming a Green Lantern but is also the very first ever Green Lantern movie, and that Green Lantern is not an as world widely known superhero like Batman and Superman so they had to take the utmost basics of the characters and universe to make a simplified easier to absorb story to introduce Green Lantern to such a large mainstream non-comic reader audiences. I give this movie 6 out of 10 Power Rings, it was entertaining for the most part, and stayed true a lot the mythology.

I took off points for things like the length, at 1 hour and 45 minutes it's a very quick movie jumping from one plot point to the next. As to the story I feel they could of stayed on Oa and showed more of Hal's training and introduced a couple more talking alien Green Lanterns, and at the end a small group of Lanterns arriving to help Hal would of been cool and would of shown that Lanterns help their own and add that something extra that would made the final battle even better. I also think the writers and producers wasted the potential for great easter eggs for the comic fans in this film, just little morsels here and there like names drops of John Stewart and Guy Gardner or perhaps a drive past Hand Mortuary, but no all we got was Carol's callsign was Sapphire, a wink to her comic book villain persona.

One thing I felt was too simplified and rushed was Sinestro's obsession with fear, one minute he's lecturing Hal of the greatness of the Green Lantern Corps and next he's demanding The Guardian convert the Corps to be powered by Fear instead of Will to fight Parallax with only a single battle with the creature to weakly reason it, but that aside Mark Strong was damn perfect as Sinestro, the best character translated to the screen. Since this movie was aimed for appeal to also non-comic readers Ryan Reynolds's take on Hal Jordan was not bad and to be expected for easier mass appeal, but I personally would of liked Ryan to be a little more serious and less comedic quips. I really liked this movie, it may not have pleased many fans but I can understand the method to their aesthetics, so I'm hoping this movie does really well financially and get decent to well liked reviews so we can get the longer, more darker, and more action packed sequel soon.

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