Thursday, June 2, 2011

Green Lantern: Rage of The Red Lanterns Review (Part 2)

On Ysmault under the surface of a lake of blood a red power ring forms, and Atrocitus puts it on, it stops he's heart and as he surfaces he's body starts to expel he's blood and replace it with liquid fire as a power battery rises out of the lake, Atrocitus takes hold of it and charges he's ring while saying he's oath and generating a new uniform. On Earth, in Coast City Hal is having lunch with Cowgirl and he's brother when John contacts him and tells him the Guardians have scheduled Sinestro's execution, it's to take place on Korugar he's home world, and they're to escort him there. The Guardian Scar secretly communicates with Green Lantern Ash whom she sent to locate the body of The Ant-Monitor and is now on it's trail, as Hal arrives on Oa to ask Sinestro a question, but Sinestro ask to ask him one first, he ask if Hal thinks killing him is right, to which Hal says it's what he deserves, it's punishment to which Sinestro responds he's proud of Hal.

Back on Ysmault Atrocitus gathers he's Red Lanterns to get he's revenge on Sinestro, as The Controllers set off to the Vega System to obtain the Orange Light. On route to Korugar Sinestro's Sciencell escorted by Hal, John, Kilowog, Saalak, three Alpha Lanterns, and five other Green Lanterns comes under by attack by the Sinestro Corps to free their leader, but Atrocitus and he's Red Lanterns starting attacking both to try to get to Sinestro. Laira attacks Hal with a blast of fire setting Hal aflame which starts burning through he's personal shield and he's uniform until he start's hearing he's ring beginning to charge well over 100% and he's wounds heal thanks to Blue Lantern Saint Walker.

The Red Lanterns bring Sinestro back to Ysmault where he is crucified, Atrocitus has to fight off Laira and the other Red Lanterns from ripping him apart saying Sinestro will live until all of he's blood is drained into he's ring. Sinestro says has no fear of pain or death, and says he's Lanterns of rage are uncontrollable and will be easily defeated in the coming War of Light. Meanwhile Hal questions Saint Walker, who says he was sent to protect Sinestro saying he will be needed during the Blackest Night and that he's ring is being charged to full capacity cause of he's emotional aura and he's hope for he's well being.

Saint Walker's ring puts out the flames of rage of the other Green Lanterns, then grabs Hal and flies him to the Blue Lantern homeworld of Odym where Ganthet and Sayd are inducting their second Blue Lantern Warth. Ganthet tells Hal to trust him that Sinestro is important to future events and to take the two Blue Lanterns and rescue Sinestro. On the planet Zamaron, former Sinestro Corps memeber Fatality is finished being transformed in to a Star Sapphire and tells her ring to locate John Stewart.

On the way to Ysmault Hal's ring tell's him the star they are passing is about to go Super Nova and evacuation of that system's inhabited planet will be need to save lives, but Hal can't call for back up to help him cause the Blue Lantern's rings are causing interference. The Blue Lanterns use their emotional aura and the hopes of the planet's inhabitants to turn the star blue and young again, which amazes Hal, to which Saint Walker says he still has much to learn of their powers and rings since he is to be the captain of the Blue Lanterns. On Ysmault Atrocitus tells Sinestro he will find something he does fear, and rips open a captured Sinestro Corp member as a blood ritual which reveals Sinestro has a daughter.

Hal makes a jet construct to get away from the Blue Lanterns and get to Ysmault first before them cause he want to return Sinestro to Oa. Hal scans the planet with he's ring, that's say the only lifeform detected is the crucified Sinestro, Hal lands in front of Sinestro who tries to warn Hal it's a trap but it's too late as the Red Lanterns fly out of the pond of blood and with their burning touch severely drain he power ring. Hal gets tied up, and Atrocitus tells him through he's blood rituals that he has seen he's past and has seen he will go renegade again, but he has held he Red Lantern's back to long and tell Laira she can kill Hal when the Sinestro Corps drops in to rescue their leader.

As Sinestro is about to put on he's Power Ring the two Blue Lanterns arrive and free Hal and in their presence he's ring is recharged, but is quickly attacked by Laira, as Hal is trying to talk to her and calms her down enough for her to ask for help as a blast from behind kills her, Sinestro tells Hal he's welcome for saving he's life. As Laira dies in he's arms Hal becomes enraged and tackles Sinestro and flies him to the top of the Red Lantern Central Battery creates an electric chair construct around Sinestro. While Saint Walker and Warth try to subdue Atrocitus who says he knows their secret weakness, as the enraged Hal is about to kill Sinestro a Red Power Ring flies on to he's left hand making him a Red Lantrern, he's electric chair construct now turned red Hal pulls the switch electrocuting Sinestro.

On Earth Carol calls Hal's phone and is surprised Cowgirl answers, and says Hal hasn't return to Earth yet, while back on Ysmault Hal has begun attacking he's Blue Lantern allies who are still fighting Atrocitus that's telling Saint Walker he knows a Blue Lantern is powerless without a Green Lantern's will in the vicinity, and with Hal's ring inactive so is he's. Saint Walker says he's ring may be useless but he is not as he jumps over Atrocitus and touches he's ring to the red ring on Hal's hand changing it to a Blue Power Ring which purges Hal of the red rings infection and restart he's heart and blood production and makes him a half Green Lantern half Blue Lantern as well as deactivating Sinestro's execution allowing him to escape. Sinestro arrives on Qward to recharge he's ring at the Yellow Central Battery just to leave again to head to Korugar to deal with a family matter, and on the planet Okaara The Controllers easily defeat any Okaaran Warriors in their way as they get closer to the source of The Orange Light, while back on Earth Carol takes Hal's father's fighter plane for a flight when a Star Sapphire ring breaks in to the cockpit.

Another great read that adds more enemies to the Green Lantern Corps but also a corps of allies but another corps of enemies looks to appear soon. Again I love every scene with Hal and Sinestro together, enemies that were once close friends makes a great dynamic. The Blue Lanterns is an odd corps being they're only at the best around a Green Lantern and are only a plus to overcharging Green Lanterns and putting out Red Lantern flames, so useful but the least helpful in a fight. Next review, who is Agent Orange? and what emotion is The Orange Light?

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