Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hurricane Hordak Review

Gonna go clubbing
I really wasn't interested in getting Hordak, Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde, or any member of the Evil Horde for that matter, I personally only wanted She-Ra and her secret identity of Princess Adora from the Princess of Power characters. Normally I would want a hero's evil counterpart/nemesis/antagonist, and even though I do like Hordak's character in PoP cartoon, I felt he's previous Classics figure was based too much on he's 2000 cartoon appearance where he was more of sorcerer then a technologically powered alien warlord like in the original cartoon, so I was holding off for a more cartoon accurate repaint with a cannon arm accessory. Then I started seeing pics and reviews of Hurricane Hordak, and you know what sold me on getting him?, when he doesn't have an attachment on he's arm it looks like a cannon, yay.

Hurricane Hordak come with three attachments, a bat wing shaped slicing blades, a three balled mace, and a four pronged spiked shield. Now the vac-metal chest armor isn't as great as it looks in press release photos, because the vac-metal applied doesn't adhere well to the type of plastic the chest armor is molded from and is really cloudy and not as shiny, so it looks weird you can see your reflection in he's stomach but not in he's chest. I really like this Hordak, and I think the gold armor and he's weapon arm better fit a ruthless leader who wants to conquer and rule, and better connects with fans of the original cartoon in my opinion.

We meet again my old enemy
I'm starting to really hate blondes

You know why I'm here Skeletor
It's good to be the boss

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