Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NYCC'11 Marvel Legends Unveils

The 2011 New York Comic-Con has come and gone, and same as the San Diego convention they unveil new action figures at booth displays and company panels, while in July at San Diego the first series of the 2012 Marvel Legends was unveiled and now in New York series 2 and more was revealed. Honestly other then Bucky Captain America Series 2 doesn't really amaze me much, to me series 1 had the right mix of characters and new sculpts, where as series 2 look like nothing but repainted sculpts. Now I'm not saying I'm totally against repainted sculpts, but I believe Hasbro should pad at least half the a series with new sculpts especially when only this only their 2nd series of their relaunch.

Captain America (Heroic Age Bucky): Oh yeah, he has been long awaited since this costume come out 7 years ago. Looks perfect, and looks to be a completely new sculpt.
Daken (Dark Avengers): Doesn't look to bad, except I don't like he's white bone claws. They don't look anything like he's thin black claws he has in the comics, hopefully they fix that by production.
Drax The Destroyer: Not one of the characters I was dying to see made a Marvel Legends, but he dose look great I'll give him that.
Fantomex: I really do like Fantomex as a character, but I don't think he was at the top of anyone's wishlist to be made soon and all I see is an Ultimate Nick Fury repaint with a new head and guns.
Madame Mask/Madame Hydra (Viper): Now I don't mind these two being repaints with new heads because the sculpts aren't far from what their comic costumes actually are. Mask will be a great addition to Iron Man's enemies, and Viper to Hydra's forces.
Spider-Man (Big Time): Really, green paint on an all black body. Would it kill Hasbro to actually sculpt some lines on the mold to paint in instead of paint on. Now the Future Foundation variant I'm excited about, he should be the first released in my opinion.
Thunderball/Piledriver: These two guys look great for color switch repaints with different heads, but I for one am glad to get half of the Wreckers in one series, hopefully Bulldozer and Wrecker him self aren't too far behind.
Arnim Zola Build-A-Figure: He may not of not been on my list of Build-A-Figure wants but he was on a lot of other ML collector's, so I definitely welcome him as a Captain America villain.

At the Hasbro Marvel Panel more upcoming Marvel Legends were revealed and these to me were the best news to come out of NYCC'11:

Stryfe: YES!!! My #1 Marvel Legends want of all time has been confirmed to be in the making. Thank you Hasbro, The Askani'Son will finally have the Chaos-Bringer to face.
Jean Grey (90's): My #2 most wanted character is also near to being reality. In the not to distant future 90's X-Men Blue/Gold team displays will be completed everywhere.
Archangel: Ooo, a completely new mold with better designed wings this is a surprise, and of course a 50/50 variant of both original blue and pink and current X-Force black and silver will most likely be the case.
Punisher: Sweet, a Jim Lee designed Punisher in a trench coat and gonna come with a ton of weapons, now that's awesome.
US Agent: I can't believe it took us this long to get a US Agent figure, but it looks to be well worth the wait.

Along with the Marvel Legend reveals and news, Hasbro also showcased the upcoming Avengers 6 inch action figure line that's not only gonna have the movie versions of The Avengers from next summer's blockbuster but also brand new figures of Avengers from the comics as well. So far shown was the movie Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and Loki 6 inch figures, and then at the panel showed slides of Ultimate Thor and Ultimate Hawkeye. I totally psyche to finally get Ultimate Thor to complete my Ultimate Avengers Trinity with Ultimate Captain America and Ultimate Iron Man.

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