Friday, October 7, 2011

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Review

THIS. GAME. IS. HARD. I am not even kidding or even over exaggerating, I think I have developed Post-Traumatic Game Syndrome. It has to be one of the hardest video games I have played on the current gen consoles, I mean Edge of Time is up there with God of War III. This is no kids game or other cheesy attempt just to make money off Spider-Man's name, this game is meticulously designed to challenge even the most well versed and veteran of gamers.

The non-stop combat in this game is relentless, you have to constantly use every power and every ability you have at your disposal to fight off and evade punches, gun fire, lasers, sonic blast, missiles, and axes reigning down on you all at once. Then there's the environmental hazards of fire, radiation, electricity, toxic chemicals, and inter-dimensional tentacles going on at the same time while fighting just to get in to the next room, this is every second of the game. I mean the game does give you health refills from defeated enemies and orbs lying around, but with the amount of near endless harm always upon you, especially in boss fights, it's barely enough, that's why you have to be on your toes to do your best and not get as damaged, and learn enemies patterns or it'll be ol' restart-o-rama 'til you succeed.

That aside, I loved the game, I really did, I highly enjoyed the banter back and forth between Peter and Miguel, and of course the Time Travel sci-fi story had me intrigued from the get go. Also phenomenal cinematic cut-scenes, perfect voice acting from both Spider-Men, and a perfect "could of been straight out a comic book" script written by the great Peter David can't but help it's entertainment value. If you a big Spider-Man fan and don't mind a challenge, and by challenge I mean yelling at your TV and wanting to break you controller for 8 hours then I would recommend renting Edge of Time.

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