Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thundercats Classics Lion-O Review

When I heard Bandai was gonna make figures based on the original 80's Thundercats I was really excited but at the same time had some doubts, I mean come on the last time I bought something from Bandai that wasn't a Gundam it was the original Power Ranger figures, but with Lion-O in hand all those doubts are gone. Lion-O looks like he walked right out of the TV screen and instantly turned in to plastic, the colors on him are that great, now most of he's colors are from he's molded plastic parts, the figure dose not have much actual paint on him which consist of he's entire head, borders of the armor, abs, completely painted belt, forearms, hands, and the top of he's boots. The Lord of The Thundercats comes with 5 accessories, 2 versions of the Sword of Omens, he's Claw Shield, an interchangeable open right hand, and a removable blue strap to hang the Claw Shield from he's hip, which I thought it was gonna be a softer plastic but it's very rigid and when hanging from the hip with the Claw Shield attached it tends to pop off very easy cause of the tension against the leg.

One the negatives about this figure is the larger extended Sword of Omens is made of a very soft almost rubbery plastic given it a tendency to droop, and also it is way too large, I don't understand why they made it so much bigger then it need to be. All they had to do was take the short version, which is perfect, and remold it with the different hilt and triple the blade length, but no they made the Sword of Omens a damn heavy looking broadsword. Then the other weird thing about this figure that baffles me and other collectors is the different color ankle joints, what the hell Bandai?, why couldn't you mold the ankle joints in the same color plastic as the boots? It's an eye-catchingly bad move which should of never made it to the production line. 

Those small distracters aside Lion-O is an awesome action figure, and a must have and total welcome to my and any other Thundercats fan's collection. Now hopefully we'll hear about getting some more figures down the line soon like Cheetra, Panthro, and Mum-Ra.

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