Saturday, March 19, 2011

Battle Armor Skeletor & Princess Adora

You know for a guy who at first really only wanted two Masters of The Universe figures I now have 6, and a small list with a few more to boot. Today I add a figure I've been waiting been waiting 10 months for since I first saw pics of him from San Diego Comic Con 2010; Battle Armor Skeletor. Was he worth the wait? Hell yeah, he's freaking evilly awesome, from he's metallic chest armor with interchangeable chest plates to he's wicked purple axe, which I have to say was he's number 1 selling point for me.

There is one thing I can say that I prefer was done a different way, is the paint on he's face. The paint job on my re-release Skeletor is perfect, to me perfectly recreates an evil skull that has had it's flesh remove from it and has been decaying and dwelling in slime for decades with it's mixture of green and yellow, but B.A. Skeletor is too bright and rather cartoony in my opinion. Now I just need Panthor for him to ride on, and Battle Armor He-Man to face off against.  

Yes!, now I just need a purple shield
You'll pay for that He-Man!

OK fine, I surrender
"Thy sword, and thy staff"

Will the real Skeletor please stand up

Now I have to admit He-Man's sister from a spin-off show wasn't on my list till last week when I saw see was being re-released the same day as Battle Armor Skeletor, but I figured getting her from Matty would be cheaper then trying to get her elsewhere later. Princess Adora is a beautiful figure, the Four Horsemen sculptors truly outdid themselves with her, see looks like she walked right out of an episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power. Adora comes with her Sword of Protection, and a nicely designed and detailed little pistol, both can be stored on her, her sword on her back, and the pistol on the holster on he hip, which is also a removable belt.

Now that I have Adora I have to add her heroic alter-ego She-Ra to my want list. Luckily I heard there gonna release a new She-Ra with a new body to better fit on her soon to be released horse Swiftwind. So now I have to ask myself, Do I want to get Swiftwind?

Horde Force Captain Adora
Give me a reason

Sister Sword/Sword Sister
For the honor of Grayskull!

"Put a shirt on Adam."

Leader of The Great Rebellion

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