Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Lantern: No Fear Review

Green Lantern: No Fear (Vol.04 #1-6)
First off I want to thank DC for including the story "Flight" drawn by Darwyn Cooke, the amazing artist and author of DC: New Frontier, at the beginning of the book. A great look at Hal growing up with with he's father, and he's starting of wanting nothing more then becoming a pilot and he's absolute love of flying. The real highlight of the story is Hal's first flight with he's father that becomes a tradition he continues years later by giving a private flight to Carol Ferris, and then to Kyle Rayner in the present.

In this volume we see Hal meeting Cowgirl, fellow pilot and new love interest, while on the trail of a damaged Manhunter android, which itself is being hunted by a newer model Manhunter looking to terminate the obsolete model. Not long after defeating the both of them he's off to investigate strange genetic experiments like a human turn in to a grey-skinned alien, and the reappearance of The Shark steming from a warning from imprisoned GL villain Hector Hammond. Which leads in to battle with the Germen speaking alien gremlins, Kroloteans, who were doing the experimenting and broke Hammond out prison to experiment on him, when Black Hand joins the fry with a new power and sinister new purpose. In the end Hal is asked to re-join the Air Force by he's former General after discovering he's Green Lantern, and Hal convinced he's younger brother Jim and he's family to move to the rebuilding Coast City.

My favorite scenes were Hal Jumping out of a damaged F-22 Raptor and then recharging he's ring from a ripped off Manhunter power battery skull in mid-air while reciting the Green Lantern oath, pure awesome, and Hal restoring Hector Hammond's pain receptors with he's ring to beat information out of him.

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