Thursday, March 3, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Thoughts

Cool fan art
I have to say I am loving MvC3, I played it for 9 hours straight yesterday, must of unlocked like 12 characters endings. I may not be the most adapt at fighting games, I usually get my butt kicked at them most of the time unless it's Tekken or Soul Calibur, but with MvC3's Simple Mode it makes the game quite fun and evens the playing ground for those of us that are not so good at remembering and doing button combinations. What I really love are the alternative colors for the characters, not just simple palate swaps but actual colors to represent other costumes and/or characters like the Punisher's version of Captain America's costume, current X-Force colors for Wolverine and Deadpool, Megaman colors for Zero, I love them all, thank you Capcom.

Really wish it was Iron Man's Classic armor instead
Speaking of costumes I downloaded the first costume pack, let's just say I can't stop playing Captain America in he's Steve Rogers: Super Soldier costume, classic Thor, and RE1 Chris Redfield. Just those three there were to me worth the $5 bucks for them, here's hoping for many more down the line like '90's Jean Grey, '90's Wolverine, RE1 Wesker, SF3 Chun-Li or old school NES Bionic Commando for Spencer. Can't wait to download Jill and Shuma-Gorath on the 15th, and pray to the video game gods that the next downloadable character is Cable, oh please, oh please, oh please.

Why wasn't Ghost Rider in this game, instead of Dormammu
I love playing this game but I really wish the game had modes like Survival, and Speed Trial you know something to play other then arcade, or online fighting. I like that the game has specific endings for each character but I do wish their was were more then just two "pages" with a single pic and some text dialog, at least their slightly cool and something to look forward to unlocking. So if your a lover of either Marvel or Capcom characters, a long time collector the of the Vs. games, or just cool fighting games in general this game is great to have not just for the challenge but also for the fun you can have with friends and family, pick it up.

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