Monday, February 28, 2011

Movie News and A Little Ranting

"And my double sided sword!
Oo, I like, I can't wait to add he's leader class action figure to my Transformers collection. TF3 looks like it's going to be awesome, I'm definitely hoping for complete mind blowing, brain liquefying action that will have my inner 5 year old jumping and screaming like the previous two movies did. Checkout TFW2005 for more pics and info. 

Made this after I read the news
Ok this made me smile, and adds a like more appeal to the new Captain America: The First Avenger movie, Alan Silvestri is gonna compose the score for the film. If you didn't know he's the guy who came up the infamous Back To The Future theme, yep and now it's stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I have to give props to Marvel Entertainment for choosing him to score the movie, cause with that it should make the movie a bit better to overlook the casting of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers.

Absolutely Badass
Superherohype says the production company Screen Gems is planning to make a Devil May Cry movie. My attention has been peaked, I love the Devil May Cry games and the character of Dante, if done right with the right actor would be great in live action, but Screen Gems has also made the Resident Evil movies. Now I don't completely hate the RE movies, but if you'd played the games and watched the movies you know they're two almost completely different zombie killing entities.

Now I am a HUGE Resident Evil video game fan, I have been hooked since 1998, that game changed my view of the world and replaced my childhood fear of machines taking over the Earth to the now real world scientifically plausible zombie making virus apocalypse. I was excited when the first movie came out, I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't based on the game more or have Chris Redfield in it, but I came to love it as it's own zombie fighting action movie. So you can see my mixed thoughts on Screen Gems bringing another one of my favorite video games to the big screen, I'll be happy as long as it's white haired, red clad, wise-cracking Dante and not the new "short black haired emo escaped mental patient reboot Dante" that a new game developer company is making.

makes me barf, and really pisses me off
Please Ninja Theory Studios don't release this game, just cancel it now. We hard-core Devil May Cry fans are not going to buy it, it will not make the money you think it will, this is not what we want. Also don't lie to us and say it a new origin, game 1 and 3 gave us all the origin we need on Dante, and him being a short black haired emo escaped mental patient would NOT FIT ANYWHERE DAMN YOU! Go to Hell Ninja Theory, go to hell, escape and then get you ass kicked by the real Dante, demon hunter and son of Sparda.

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