Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Top 6 Favorite Games of 2010

Mass Effect 2 
First of all let me say I freaking love Mass Effect 1&2, I originally got ME1 cause it was made by Bioware, who also made two of my favorite Star Wars games, Knights of The Old Republic 1&2. Mass Effect 2 just builds on and improves what ME1 laid down, to me it's the perfect sci-fi action RPG, and what I love about the game is it let's you highly customize your characters, and your every action alters the story, but it doesn't play like an RPG, it play more like a third-person shooter, no turn base attacking for these bad-asses. Fricking epic enthralling story, pristine near-life-like graphics, improved combat system, and downloadable content and missions galore makes ME2 my game of the year.

Dante's Inferno
This game was fun, I played Dante's Inferno while waiting for God of War III to come out, and I loved it. A lot of people simply dismiss this game as God of War ripoff, sure it have very similar combat system, but it has it's own great story derived from a classic piece of literature, and it was perfectly adapted to make this game without straying too far from the essential characters and story. I had so much fun with this game I played it three times back to back, just to play on every difficulty and complete both sets of good and evil attacks. The ending sets up a sequel, so I can't wait to hear about the next one. If you love the God of War games, then you'll also love Dante's Inferno.

God of War III
Ripping Helios's head off in the demo made want to play the God of War games, I had to know how violent Kratos was in the previous games, and why he hated the Gods so much. So knowing GoW3 was coming out soon I picked up the PS3 remaster of GoW1&2 since I never played them. After I beat those, and got the story it was time to play #3, and wow was it brutally awesome. God for War III delivered, delivered pain that is, lots and lots of pain giving, and blood letting, just killing gods and monsters left and right all the way to Zeus himself. GoW3 was fun, but hard at times, but still highly addicting, if you died you just wanted to get back in there take down that son of a bitch that made you restart at a save point.

Transformers: War for Cybertron 
As a Transformers fan I had to get this, this was the game we Transformer fans have been waiting for, a serious hardcore 'bot vs. 'bot shoot'em up. This game was specifically tailored to the fans, like having Peter Cullen and Frank Welker voice Optimus Prime and Megatron, a prequel story that fits nicely in G1 continuity, and a sweet ending song by Stan Bush. The games use of transformations, and multiple weapons to choose from, along with a story that is truely fitting the Transformers-type of stories from the old 80's cartoon just makes this a TransFan must have.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
I don't want to say this game was disappointing, but I was disappointed in it. After playing and loving TFU1, and drooling over the awesome looking trailers I was hyped for this game, only to play it and beat it's 4.1 levels in 5 hours the day it came out. From the trailers we get the impression we're going after the Empire to take down Darth Vader and The Emperor, we have Boba Fett on our ass, gonna get some training from Yoda, all while looking for Juno, BUT what do we get: escape from Kamino, quick scene with Boba Fett, go rescue Kota, quick scene with Yoda, battle on Rebel ship, back to Kamino to face Vader, the end. Don't get me wrong this game had some cool stuff in it, and sweet new two Lightsaber combat system, but the story was rushed and short, and not as original and connected to the rest of the Star Wars universe as the previous one was.

Final Fantasy XIII
This was my very first Final Fantasy game, the first in the series to exactly catch my attention enough to make want to buy and play it. My only previous encounter with turn based RPGs was Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, so this game was filled with all kinds of new loves and hates of game playing, and ways of thinking not only of RPGs but of the games unique battle system. I love the games story, characters, spectacular cutscenes and the Paradigm Shifting battle system but it is a really really long game, and it takes a long time to get from place to place, and to level up enough to survive not just boss battles but also wild encounters. I still haven't beat this game, I'm about 3 quarters through it, I took a break from it a few months and haven't picked back up yet, one day though, you know before XIII-2 comes out.

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