Friday, February 25, 2011

Upcoming Animation

I can't say I'm the world's hugest Green Lantern fan, but I can honestly say I am on the way to becoming one. Hal Jordan is definitely above all the others my favorite GL, I loved the previous First Flight movie, and this one looks to be even better. Wow I never thought of Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan till I heard him voicing him in a sneak preview, and seeing him wearing a GL shirt then it hit me he would make a perfect live action Hal. Sure he's 40 but thats only 5 year older then Ryan Reynolds who is playing Hal in the upcoming GL summer blockbuster, I think with he's sci-fi background and daredevil macho smartass action hero usual protrayals he would better bring to character to life.

You know how long me and other Marvel fans have been waiting for this movie? 2 years, this movie was first sneak previewed on the Hulk Vs. DVD in 2008, then later a new sneak peek on Planet Hulk DVD in 2009, so we thought we'd get it by late '09 or early '10 right, nope. You know why?, cause Marvel started production on the live action Thor movie, and somebody had the smart idea to hold off releasing it till the new movie was coming out in theaters for more Thor stuff to sell. Which means this movie has already been made, put on disc, put in packages, and boxed up, and have been sitting in warehouses since then. Don't you just love that, this better be the best Marvel animation of them all.

Coming out May 17th

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