Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marvel Legends News

Some news from Toyfair 2011 has actually surprised me with some Marvel Legends reveals:

-New 6" figures War Machine The Initative, Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man.
- Modern Thor 6" figure will be the first Marvel Legends in the Legends launch.

 - Marvel legends for Spring of 2012 will see 6" Ultimate Hawkeye, and Heroic Age Bucky Cap.

- Build A Figure will be back with Terrax, these figures will be in single cards. More to come on these later in the year.
I'm definitely excited about most of these characters, don't really care for Ultimate Hawkeye, talk about a spot that could of went to some better and more wanted. New War Machine and Iron Man villains are gonna be sweet additions, and I've been itching for a Bucky Captain America every since I first sure that costume. Terrax is an excellent choice for a Build-A-Figure, another Fantastic Four villain is always welcome.

So with modern Cap and Thor revealed, I'm hoping modern "Bleeding Edge" Iron Man, and Commander Steve Rogers: Super Soldier isn't far behind.

Who do I want to see coming out in 2012? My top three that are  really high on my list: Stryfe, Jean Grey (Jim Lee), and Taskmaster (UDON).

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