Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day of Reviews

All-Star Superman (DC Universe Animated Movie)
Just got done watching it, and wow was it very close to the source comic. Like 80% of the story was animated with very little change, even though I all ready guessed what parts were gonna be taking out I still would of love to seen Superman fighting the Chronovore with various Supermen from the future in the past. I loved the animation used, but was slightly disappointed they didn't try to replicate Frank Quitely's hyper-detailed art style, oh and Anthony LaPaglia was a perfect sounding Lex Luthor. A must watch for any Superman or DC fan, but also be sure to read the graphic novels written by Grant Morrision to see some cool Superman adventures that didn't make it in to the film.

Green Lantern: Secret Origin
I've been on a huge Green Lantern kick ever since I read Green Lantern: Rebirth, I now have 9 Green Lantern trades. This is another great offering from the minds and talents of Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, as the name implies is a new retelling of Hal Jordan becoming an officer in the Green Lantern Corps but also he's childhood experiences and he's need to fly and join the Air Force that will make him the fearless daredevil superhero. With this updated story they've added bits and pieces that are precursors to the Green Lantern crossover event Blackest Night with characters like Atrocitus and the prophecy of the event, and mixes it in with the death of Abin Sur that leads to Hal becoming he's replacement.

My favortite moments definitely were with Hal and Sinestro showing how they first met and worked together, and the rough starting of a friendship before they eventfully become mortal enemies. Along the way we meet Hal's friends and family, and give new beginnings to some of Hal's enemies, Hector Hammond, and Black Hand. It was also great seeing Hal training to use he's ring in Kilowogs's boot camp, and later dropping a construct of a Navy Battleship on Hector Hammond.

Tron: Betrayal  
I picked this up cause I loved Tron: Legacy, and wanted to know more of what happened before the movie, and this book delivers that perfectly and beautifully. It starts out with a quick 11 page retelling of the first Tron movie before moving on to what Kevin was doing afterwords, with the early troubles of he's new digital world The Grid, and the birth of he's son Sam. Next with growing responsibilities as CEO and Game Developer of Encom, a single father after he's wife dies, and building and expanding the Grid he decides to construct the digital duplicate of himself; Clu, who will oversee everything whenever he's not on the Grid which is becoming more and more frequent.

With the arrival of the ISOs, and Kevin's continuing absences makes Clu more and more think he's the only one that can keep the Grid safe and perfect. Clu is distrustful of the ISOs and blames any new problem in the Grid on them and their very existence, much to the distaste of the Grid greatest security defender program and games warrior Tron; transferred from Encom's mainframe to the Grid as Kevin's best friend and closest confidant. So as the story was meant to it sets up The Grid beginnings, the ISOs origin, Clu's raise to power and descent into tyranny, but to me the best part were seeing Tron in action as a great hero and gentle program to the people of the Grid before he's reprogram into Rinzler.

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