Saturday, February 12, 2011

Generation 2 Megatron = MINE!

Pic from auction
Oh, glorious day, I have finally obtained one of my most quested after Transformers: Generation 2 Megatron, and in pristine MISB condition off Ebay for the decent price of $56. I have been longing for this figure for nearly 20 years, to me he is the most perfect rendition of the Decepticon leader. I last held this figure when I was 9 years old in a KB Toys, so this is a real monumental achievement to me personally as a Transformer fan and toy collector.

Megatron 2.0
An excerpt from Megatron's Transformers Wiki page:
"Although thought dead for a year or two, Megatron had actually survived the Ark crash, and had quietly worked to repair it, concealing it beneath the ground. From there, Megatron tracked a signal, mistakenly believing it was another Transformer, but instead he found the shape-shifting castle of the terrorist organization, Cobra. He entered into a bargain with its leader, Cobra Commander, offering him the technology of the Ark in exchange for the new weapons his organization was developing. Reconstructed into a new tank body with a powerful rail gun, Megatron defeated a squad of Autobots sent to stop him, and then turned on Cobra, and escaped in the Ark.

He Will Tread On You
Oh yes, I am gonna open him, I can't wait to display him next to my Powermaster Optimus Prime. Expect pics, and a review on G2 Megs as soon as he arrives.


  1. Very impressive. I look forward to seeing it as the crown jewel of your Transformer Toy Crown. ^^

  2. Still have mine from when it first came out lol