Friday, March 4, 2011

DC Universe Classics Series 5

I now possess the rarest of the rarest of the DC Universe Classics series, the barely produced and hard to find in stores when released in 2009 as a Wal-Mart only exclusive, Series 5. So in 2009 if you wanted this series you'd have to get it off Ebay for hugely inflated prices, with $200 probably being the cheapest if you were lucky. Thankfully this series was re-released on Matty Collector, Mattel's official online store, for a far far way more reasonable price, which I missed because of insufficient funds at the time, but with last of my income tax return I purchased the set of Big Bad Toy Store.

2 heroes, 3 villains, and 1 anti-hero
Series 5 like all the DC Universe Classic series is a "Collect-n-Connect" series with each figure coming with a piece to build the bigger figure of Metallo. Amazo, Riddler, and Metallo are all great additions to my DC villains display, Atom and Black Lightning will join their fellow Justice League members, and Eradicator is just a great piece of late 90's Death of Superman nostalgia. I'm not entire sure if the series was just re-released out of backed up stock sitting in warehouses or was completely put back in to production for this release, but I am overall very happy with this series, the range of heroes and villians for different eras in the comics, the awesome build a figure, all the way down to the crisp paint jobs on them all.

Most of the post-Infinite Crisis Justice League of America line-up

My current Batman's Rogue's Gallery
  A scene from Batman: Under The Red Hood

                                      Just need Cyborg Superman and Steel

Bring It On

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