Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DCUC Wishes and Thoughts

So if your a DC Universe Classics collector then you've likely seen the pics from Toy Fair 2011 and know the line-up of the next two series, 17 being Blackest Night Deputy Lanterns and 18 being half cartoon non-comic characters. Now some fans, me included, find these line-ups a little strange, do we really need or want the "Rainbow Lanterns" as their being called, I'm loving the Anti-Monitor build a figure, but I really don't want any of these one-shot costume changes, the only good thing I see coming out of this series is the molds for Lex Luthor and Scarecrow for repainting later. I'm looking forward to half of series 18, Captain Boomerang, Toyman, and Bronze Tiger, but can totally live without the completely made up just for the 70's Super Friends TV series characters Samurai, Black Vulcan, and El Dorado.

Some would say that after 18 waves, and various spin-off series, exclusives, and multi-packs that Mattel may be hitting the bottom of the barrel of "buyable" heroes and villians, but I say neigh! Mattel still has plenty of heroes and villians not yet released as DCUCs, not including cool alternative costumes, like 90's harpoon hand Aquaman, that still need to be made. So I present here my own personal wish list series of figures I'd love to see one day.

Not he's current cybernetic arm druggie Arsenal persona, but when he was at he's most heroic best as a member of the post-Infinite Crisis Justice League of America. Just repaint the Green Arrow body with a new belt buckle and head, easy peasy.

I have the story Identity Crisis to thank for me really starting to like this guy, and want an action figure of him. If you didn't know beside he's stretching power he is a master detective equal to Batman. If ever made, would hopefully come with some of Plastic Man's interchangeable shape-changing parts.

 Oh yeah, Jason Todd, a real hot topic for Batman fans. I personal love he's revival and what he has become to the Bat-Family. I would want him to come with removable helmet to reveal he's red domino masked face, guns, and knifes.

 Now if I remember correctly she won the second fan choice poll, so we should be seeing her soon. Definitely hoping she'll be in her current Jim Lee designed costume, then just needs a crossbow and a bo-staff.

 The original DC Comics Flash, an inaugural member of the Justice Society of America to join other members already released, but I also want him to add to the Flash Family. Removable helmet a must.

With Starman already released, It's a safe bet she's already been thought about for potential release, along with her raised awareness from her appearances in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. I mean her Cosmic Rod Staff is already been made, now we just need her.

Now for the collect-n-conncet figure for my dream series, I would want to complete the Stars & Stripes team with Pat Dugan's armored hero persona. I would make the upper torso have a flip up helmet to show off Pat's head.

Now let's see how many of these get made, and how long it take till they eventually do.

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