Sunday, May 6, 2012

Avengers Movie Review


My deepest thanks and much deserved congratulations to Marvel Studios and Joss Whedon for creating a live-action comic book, that's exactly what Avengers is, comic book action, super-hero banter, and story telling all flawlessly brought to life. Only Joss Whedon could of pulled this off, he's re-write of the script, and he's directing style gave us an engaging well paced story with seven major movie actors all in the same scenes without feeling cramped or anyone forgotten. My Brother said it best, everything in this movie came together perfectly like chocolate and peanut butter coming together in a Reese's.

Chris Evans definitely steps up and literally becomes Captain America here and give The Avengers the leader they need, Robert Downey Jr. is again an auditory and visual pleasure on screen as Tony Stark, and Chris Hemsworth is so comfortable as Thor it's like he just walked off the set of he's movie without ever breaking character and went straight into filming the Avengers. I am genuinely impressed with Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, I preferred Eric Bana over Edward Norton, but now I want to see more of Ruffalo as Dr. Banner, every scene with Hulk which Ruffalo himself motion-captured, was surprisingly the best portrayal of Hulk in action that is just incredibleness unleashed on your eyes.

Scarlett Johansson beautifully embodies the Black Widow once again, and I am so glad they gave Black Widow shorter hair in this movie, cause in Iron Man 2 she looked like she had a mop on her head when fighting. Jeremy Renner kicked ass as Hawkeye, and I love how they modernized he's trick arrows with the remote controlled quiver that attached the different heads, something that was never in the comics. Samuel L. Jackson of course was he's pure badass self as the spy master Nick Fury, and then there is the pure devious walking excellence that is Loki, magnificently executed by Tom Hiddleston who is in the same league as Ian McKellen's Magneto and William Dafoe's Green Goblin, he's personality and mannerisms brought to life right off the pages of the comics.

I can not express in any more typed words how damn awesome this movie is, this is the #1 greatest comic book super hero movie ever of all time, I'm ranking this movie 13 out 10 Hulks. We the comic geeks are on gonna have to crown Joss Whedon King of Geeks for this grand achievement of miraculousness, I mean DC Comics and Warner Bros. must of seen this movie and completely given up on ever making a Justice League movie because unless they get Joss Whedon himself, and everyone else that had a hand in making Avengers to make it then it isn't going to be anywhere close to being this good. THANOS!, I knew Thanos had to the big bad behind Loki from the very beginning of the movie, the voice over at the start saying "The Earth will be he's, and The Universe yours.", along with the stairs in space started me thinking of only one would-be Universe conqueror, so seeing he's smiling mug at the end was pure joygasam rewarding, I haven't been that excited from an ending scene since seeing the Phoenix under the water at the end of X2, I was ecstatic beyond all rational thought.

This movie just has everything that makes going to the movies so much fun, laugh out loud comedy, adrenalin ridden action, and forever memorable scenes and quotes, hell even I was surprise by a few things, like a fight between Thor and Hulk that was never teased or leaked in trailers or pics, epicness is all I can say. I was a little sad though we didn't hear any one yell "Avengers Assemble!", maybe in the extended cut Blu-Ray or they're saving it for the sequel. So we'll probably won't get Avengers 2 until 2015, can't wait to see Thanos bring the pain and hopefully the Infinity Gauntlet.

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