Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Avengers Ultimate Thor

Ultimate Thor has been on both my Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe wish list, it's great to finally check him off one. Brought to us in the Avengers 3 3/4 inch movie line which like the Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America lines before it slip in comic versions of some of the heroes and villains yet unmade in the Marvel Universe line. Not named Ultimate Thor on the package but instead Battle Hammer Thor, because of the transforming "Battle Hammer" he comes with is more like a spear that turns in an axe, but thankfully he also comes with the Ultimate version of Mjolnir to complete him.


Ultimate Thor's facial hair has constantly changed from goatee to handle bar mustache and soul patch to full beard in Ultimates 3 which this figure sports. The stand out metallic blue used on he's torso, and the metallic brown on he's belt and boots together with the dark navy blue pants excellently brings Thor's costume of the page. He's articulation isn't quite on par with a Marvel Universe figure, instead of a bicep swivel with have a two-in-one elbow joint and swivel, but sadly excluded is the wrist articulation that would of made it possible for Thor to hold he's with both hands, and no double jointed knee, which is pretty much standard on all Marvel figures this size from Hasbro, making him my only 3 3/4 scale figure with single jointed knees in my collection.

My only real gripe with this figure beside not being able hold he's hammer with both hands is that I wish they made Mjolnir out of a more sturdier plastic it's kinda flimsy, and could of used some painted on details and a darkening wash. With Thor we now have four figures from the Ultimate Universe, including Ult. Cap from the CA: First Avenger line, Ult. Iron Man from the IM2 line, and Ult. Hawkeye who is also available in this Avengers movie line. Now all I can hope for is more Ultimates to build up the team, perhaps maybe Ult. Hulk next huh Hasbro?

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