Saturday, May 12, 2012

Comic Series Captain America

You'd think I would of gave up my search for the Comic Series Captain America from the First Avenger movie line after I got the Cap that came in the Marvel Universe 5-Pack I got for Christmas, but I guess all that time and energy searching for him my brain just wouldn't let go, until the prize was in hand. I eventually came across him on the Toy"R"Us website for a decent price, and finally after months of looking for him in every store I went in to I now possess "Heavy Artillery Captain America". Called "Heavy Artillery Cap" because of the huge missile launcher accessory he comes with which originally came with IM2 Concept Series Hypervelocity Iron Man now in blue and red, which I think is unnecessary cause other then he's trademark shield there isn't anything else Steve really needs or could have for additional accessory.

This Cap being from a movie line means he's not a Marvel Universe repaint but is a completely new sculpt with a bulkier build and even more detailed chainmail chest and upper arms, originally I thought he's was gonna have a height issue but in hand I think he fits in with my other Marvel Universe figures just fine. This Cap has a slightly different color palate with a darker blue and lighter red for the gloves and boots then the 5-Pack Cap. He's leg articulation is great, and I don't mind he's single elbow joint, but I would of liked a bicep swivel and glove swivel to better pose he's arms.

I am really happy to have this Cap, I can have this Cap as Modern Cap leading the more current Avengers, and the skinnier and Lighter colored Cap as Classic Cap leading the more classic line-up Avengers, if you see him somewhere don't pass up on this great Captain America figure.

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