Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DC Universe Classics Guy Gardner

Guy Gardner, Green Lantern 2814.2 and Hal Jordan's original back-up replacement first appeared in Green Lantern Vol.02 #59 in 1968, but did not become a full time Green Lantern with he's own unique costume until 1985. Guy Gardner is a real distinctive character, he's obnoxious, head strong, reckless, and always ragging on and arguing with he's fellow Lanterns and other Super Heroes, but at the same time is heroic, brave, selfless, and fiercely loyal, everyone has or should have a friend like him. Guy was made available to us in the DC Universe Classics Green Lantern's Light 5-Pack, but not only was the 5-pack rare to find and expensive, I also really wasn't that interested in having the other four figures which were just repaints or head swaps, so only wanting Mr. Gardner I turned to Ebay, and found him new out of package with he's Power Battery Lantern for a reasonable price.

Guy's uniform is perfectly recreated thanks to new forearms, and new lower legs, which makes him a bit taller then he should be, and he's jacket is a nice soft rubbery plastic slipped over he's torso. He's head has got a lot of mixed reviews, he's skin color and hair color could be a little lighter, and maybe a tad smaller but the sculpt is dead-on with he's original bowl hair cut nicely paired with that arrogant smirk, my only real gripe is that I would of preferred he's more modern shorter hair cut. Guy's paint apps are mostly flat mattes, amazingly though Mattel used a shiny pearl white for the buttons and buckle on he's jacket, but my favorite paint app is the metallic green on he's Power Battery, with has been permanently commandeered by my Modern Hal Jordan to match he's metallic ensemble.

I am extremely happy with Guy Gardner, he's one of my favorite DC characters, and I'm glad Mattel gave him to us so we could have all four Earth GLs, and of course to be in our Justice League International team  display. I recommend him to all Green Lantern fans to add your Green Lantern Corps, best of luck getting the 5-pack or finding him in a good condition off-line. I can hope maybe one day in the future to see him with he's modern head, and packaged with a cool construct in the 2013 DC Universe All-Stars.

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