Monday, April 18, 2011

DVD Sets I'm Still Waiting For

I love watching whole seasons of old TV series from my past, I have many in my collection and many on a wish list, but there are some TV series I am still waiting to be made available on DVD. Here is my top 5 I am absolutely dying to get one day.

 Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994-1998)
This the only 90's Marvel cartoon other the Incredible Hulk that has not been fully and proper released on DVD. Disney currently has the rights, I was happy when they finally released the 90's X-Men series, so where in the hell is my complete series or season sets? My guess, fricking Disney is gonna what till the new Amazing Spider-Man movie is close to coming out in theaters, then put them out to have more Spidey merchandise to sell all at the same time.
Seven Days (1998-2001)
This is a great TV series I watched on UPN along with Star Trek: Voyager. Cool sci-fi premise of being able to travel back in time seven days to prevent a disaster, assassination, epidemic, ect., and you know I love anything with Time Travel.

Batman 1960's (1966-1968)
Why is this series not on DVD, we have the theatrical movie, but not the 120 episodes on infamous tv series. Millions of people would buy them right now this instant, I see no reason why is not released yet, all companies involved would make tons of money on it. 

Actual cover of VHS I have
The Adventures of Batman (1968)
Ah, this was my first animated Batman, no I am not that old, I was born in '84, but I have a VHS with 5 episode on it I've watched hundreds of times over and over again. It's only 34 short episodes, half being 12 minutes, and half being 6 minutes, so only about 300 minutes of classics Bat-Animation that demands to be on DVD. Check out my favorite episode from the tape, How Many Herring In A Wheelbarrow?

The Burning Zone (1996-1997) 
Ok, so maybe not alot of people watched this one or even ever heard of it, but I enjoyed it. It was basically X-Files but with diseases, you could even say it was kinda proto-House, M.D. I haven't seen any episodes since their original airing, so I have a real "Burning" to watch this again.

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