Monday, April 25, 2011

Pic of the Day 04/25

Captain Harlock, one of the most badass anime characters EVER! Before Goku, Heero Yuy, Alucard, Kenshin, there was this man above of all men who was a true inspiration to all he's friends, crew, and otakus alike. I first saw Captain Harlock in the anime movie Galaxy Express 999, the scene that forever etched him in to my brain was towards the end, coming in to save the main characters standing atop of he's pirate ship The Arcadia with all cannons and guns firing, steering it with a wooden wheel, dodging incoming enemy fire all with a huge skull & crossbones flag behind him. PURE OLD SCHOOL ANIME AWESOME!

Check out this vid below with some footage from that, and then try not to say you would not fellow that man in to any situation.

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