Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green Lantern: Wanted: Hal Jordan Reveiw

GL: Wanted: Hal Jordan (Vol.04 #14-20)
This story beings with Hal having a nightmare about Abin Sur which lead in to he's memories of what exactly happened one year ago when he and he's fellow Air Force pilots, "Cowgirl", and "Rocket Man" were shot down, becoming prisoners of war in the terrorist camp, and how they escaped months later. The next day Hal learns that "Cowgirl" was sent back in to Chechnya to take out the terrorist base but was shot down again, Hal runs out and becomes Green Lantern to go rescue her. By crossing into Chechnya Hal has got the attention of Russia's Rocket Red Brigade that enforces the Freedom of Power Treaty which limits super-heroes to only their home nations, which Green Lantern has broken multiple times.

Unknown to Green Lantern at the time is Amon Sur, the criminal son of Hal's predecessor Abin Sur, has hired multiple alien bounty hunters to bring Hal Jordan to him so he could claim he's father Green Lantern ring. With he's ring Hal makes easy work of the terrorist camp, and is about to rescue Cowgirl when he is attacked by the Global Guardians who are being controlled by Klarmarian Faceless Hunters , then he is surprisingly helped by the Rocket Reds who want Hal for themselves. Then the Justice League of America shows up to help Hal, and demands some answers on what is going on, Hal quickly explains to Alan Scott as goes looking for Cowgirl who ran in to the forest during the commotion, only to finally get her and her recognize Hal is Green Lantern, to be get knocked out by another alien bounty hunter Hunger Dog. 

Hal is brought before Amon Sur in the Californian desert outside Coast City were Abin Sur was buried, but just as Amon is about to kill Hal Hunger Dog reveals himself to actually be fellow Green Lantern John Stewart who quickly disarms Amon. A depowered Hal and Amon get in to a fist fight, but suddenly a yellow power ring slips on to Amon's hand and welcomes him to The Sinestro Corps and it teleported away. After all is smoothed over between nations and teams, Hal finally returns Abin Sur's remains and spaceship to he's home planet of Ungara.

Next the Star Sapphire crystal falls to Earth and begins jumping from woman to woman trying to find Hal Jordan, finally possessing Carol Ferris but when it realizes Hal is now in love with Jillian "Cowgirl" Pearlman it then possess her. Just as Hal and Carol knock Cowgirl out, the creators of the crystal The Zamaron's Queen and and two royal guards appear to reclaim the crystal and the two females, Hal quickly then fools the crystal in possessing the Queen by kissing her which makes it think he loves her now, the Zamarons teleport away to remove it from their Queen. This incident show the Zamarons that the crystal is too uncontrollable, so then form it in to a central battery, and create rings to start a Star Sapphire Corps.  

So this story ties up the One Year Later story and also shows the begin of the Sinestro Corps and Star Sapphire Corps. Nothing too cool happens in this, but a quick page of Batman first being chosen by the Sinestro Corps ring before he takes it off was sweet. All this sets up the next story of the Sinestro Corps War and the emerging of the multiple colored Lantern corps.

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