Friday, May 27, 2011

Green Lantern: Rage of The Red Lanterns Review (Part 1)

Green Lantern: Rage of The Red Lanterns (GL#26-28, 36-38, & Final Crisis: Rage of Red Lanterns #1) 

On Oa Hal talks to Sinestro in he's Sciencell, Sinestro says creating he's own corps and the whole war was to set the Guardians on the path to enable the Green Lantern power rings for lethal force, which they did. Hal then reveals to Sinestro that thanks to that new law he is now a inmate on Death Row. Salaak ask the Guardians for permission for the Lost Lanterns to personally deliver the remains of Ke'Haan to he's homeworld, they allow it, and the Lost Lanterns arrive on the planet Varva only to find Ke'Haan's family slaughtered by Sinestro Corps member Amon Sur.

Amon confesses, saying he did so to spread fear in other Green Lanterns that their family could be next, enraged Laira cuts him down in cold blood for he's crimes. Hal and John are then made aware that a Sinestro Corps ring is on it's way to Earth to chose a replacement, which they follow to Arkham Asylum in Gotham City and stop it before it reaches the hand of the insane villain Scarecrow. On Oa there is great debate on whether Laira's execution of Amon Sur was a justified action or murder, when the other Lost Lanterns are asked what they think, they all agree it was murder, which enrages Laira to set Amor Sur's body aflame.

As Jordan restrains her, the Guardians enter and tell Laira she is suspend and her final fate will be determined at he trial, and then announce they are creating a new division within the Corps that will enforce their new laws, the Alpha Lanterns. The Guardians create six power batteries to seek out Lanterns that have the ability to enforce justice, the batteries choose Boodikka, Chaselon, Green Man, John Stewart, Kraken and Varix. John declines while, the other five accept and are guide to a room for Cosmic surgery, while Hal and other Lanterns escort Laira to the Sciencell Block to which she resist and tries to escape but is stop by the newly cybernized Alpha Lanterns.

On the planet Ysmault, Atrocitus kills he's last fellow Inversion Qull with a red power battery, while back on Oa at Laira's trial which after review of the evidence and the the added charges of assault and resisting arrest, she is found guilty and discharged from the Green Lantern Corps. Will alot of the Corps gathered at the trial the Guardians unveil their next new law, full lethal force is enable against all enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal goes to talk to Sinestro again, who says he knew that's what the guardian would do, saying he lead the Guardians to that action though he's war to make the universe fear the Green Lantern Corps in he's own twisted way to actually help strengthening the Corps.

The Guardian Scar arrives to tell the other Guardians about "Agent Orange". While in their binary star system The Controllers contemplate needing a power source to create their own Corps, so they seek The Orange Light. Hannu pilots a small ship to transport Laira to her homeworld when it is destroyed by a red ring which slips on to the hand of Laira who has great rage in her heart making her a Red Lantern

Ok, gonna cut this review in half since all that happen in just three issues, and we haven't even go to the Red Lantern Corps yet. The addition of The Alpha Lanterns as Internal Affairs is interesting, which I think is extremely harsh and overpowered to police their own Corps but hey it's freaking dramatic and damn near freighting thinking of having one of them on your ass. The ultimate boon of this trade so far worth the price of admission is the conversation between Hal and Sinestro at the beginning where Sinestro says "I never called anyone a friend except Abin Sur... and then you.", that was an awesome reading moment for me.   

Look for part two of the synopsis and review of Rage of The Red Lanterns soon.

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