Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thor: Tales of Asgard Review

Tales of Asgard shows Thor as a teenage boy that have come to see that he's life in Asgard is pampered and he's weekly arena fights are staged for he's benefit. He goes to he's father Odin, to ask why he's warriors do not fight him seriously, to which Odin replies as Prince of Asgard he has no need to endanger he's life and to one day be King is to know when not to draw your sword. Thor wanting to prove he abilities to he's father and friends sets off on a journey with he's brother Loki and The Warriors Three to find the lost Sword of Surtur in the realm of Jotunheim

The latest movie from Marvel animation I have to say is their best so far, the animation is top-notch this time around, and a great original story. Every character was portrayed perfectly, as in the live-action movie Loki was a real highlight, and it was nice seeing Thor and Loki getting along as brothers, bickering and all. I was really impressed with this film, and loved seeing all the young renditions of the Asgardians, it would be great if a TV series was made to continue off this film and get more adventures with Thor in that time of he's life.

Action packed, funny, perfect characterization, and stellar HD picture make this a must have for any Thor fan, and if you have all the previous Marvel Animation films then you'll need this one to complete your collection cause this looks to be the last Marvel Animation.

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