Saturday, May 21, 2011

She-Ra: Princess of Power

She-Ra! She-Ra!
For the honor of Greyskull
Alt. Head: Mask Down
At. Head: Mask Up
Fighting evil by the moonlight... Wait wrong show
Most powerful siblings in the universe
Bought She-Ra on Monday off Mattycollector, decided I don't need the remodeled She-Ra coming out that can ride her horse Swift Wind, cause I honestly don't think I'm ever gonna get Swift Wind. Saw it as a great chance to get She-Ra cheaper then anywhere else on the net. She-Ra comes with an alternate interchangeable head, golden Sword of protection, a small gold shield, and a small gold axe.

Alot of MotU collectors were pissed that She-Ra came with a gold colored Sword of Protection instead of the proper silver and gray colored, but I don't mind, it matches the rest of her weapons, and her original figure from 1985. I am not fond of the alternate masked head, and the heads are hard to pop on and off, so the alternate head will be going in the extra weapons box. She-Ra is another wonder figure from the Masters of The Universe Classics line with great paint, sculpt, accessories, and articulation with brings me up to 8 MotU Classics figures.

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