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Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Volume One Review

GL: The Sinestro Corps War Vol.01 (GL #21-23, GL Corps #14-15, GL: Sinestro Corps Special)
 Volume 01 starts with Hal and the Justice League trying to capture Professor Zoom to see if he knows where Sinestro is since they were both in the Secret Society recently. Zoom gets away from them, and Hal figures Zoom is a dead end and decides it's time to report this so called "Sinestro Corps" to the Guardians of The Universe on Oa. Meanwhile Kyle Rayner now empowered as Ion captures a yellow power ring that was flying through space, and brings it to Oa to show the Guardians but is told to wait, while waiting in the Mess Hall the ring receives and executes new orders to transport Kyle to the Anti-Matter Universe. The ring takes Kyle to the planet Qward, but he overpowers it before it delivers him to it's destination, Kyle then looks down in to a valley to discover that Sinestro has indeed created he's own Corps and composed it of fear mongering aliens from all across the universe.

 Before they can further investigate what happened to Kyle, the planet comes under attack of the Sinestro Corps, but the whole attack was a distraction to break free Superboy-Prime and Cyborg Superman. Back on Qward Kyle is overpowered by the Sinestro Corps and Sinestro cuts into he's chest and pulls out the Ion Entity which he was bonded to, and then tells him that is was Despotellis a sentient virus that killed he's mother, now broken mentally and physically with fear in he's mind he is able to be possessed by the Parallax entity. Sinestro brings Parallax before he's corps "Guardian", The Anti-Monitor and he's other new heralds, Superboy-Prime and Cyborg Superman. 

Attempting to recover and access the damage after the attack on Oa, Hal, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart hear that the Guardians are sending The Lost Lanterns to go rescue Kyle, they decide they should go with them but need to charge their rings first, as they go to do so they are pulled in to the Central Battery by Parallax and transported to Qward. Hal is immediately confronted by Parallax with the entirety of the Sinestro Corps behind him, but is just as quick joined by the Lost Lanterns, they all escape in to under ground tunnels, Hal wants to go look for Guy and John, but The Lost Lanterns have orders to recover Ion, so they split up and Tomar-Tu and Graf Toren join Hal. The Lost Lanterns find Ion being experimented on by The Anti-Monitor who easily vaporizes Ke'Haan but is then blinded and knocked back a powerful blast from Hannu, giving them a window to save Ion, while Hal's team frees Guy and John from Lyssa Drak, Keeper of the Book of Parallax, who was making them relive their past failures over and over again.

With Ion, Guy, and John free the Lanterns make their escape and transport back the Positive-Matter Universe. The Guardians prepare for attack from the Sinestro Corps on two fronts, on Oa and on the sentient Green Lantern planet Mogo, who if lost the rings of fallen Lanterns would no longer be guided to new sentient beings for recruitment. Kilowog leads a huge force to defend Mogo, but the Sinestro Corps has sent the sentient artificial city Ranx now nearly planet size to destroy Mogo with a plan to drill into he's weakest area and flying in planet-destroying Blink-Bombs to he's core.

Realizing the Sinestro Corps is killing their Green Lanterns, since the Lanterns can only defend themselves with non-lethal force, The Guardians enable all power rings for lethal force against Sinestro Corps members. As The Lost Lantern bring Ion back to Oa, Hal, Guy, and John materialize back on Earth, but right behind them materialize the Sinestro Corps's Central Battery, Parallax, and nearly all the Sinestro Corps. Sinestro has targeted Earth cause he has learned it is the Earth is center of the new 52 Earth Multiverse.

Great action pack read, I loved the return of Superboy-Prime, Cyborg Superman, and shockingly The Anti-Matter, who was last seen in the original Crisis on Infinite Earth back in 1985, all aligned with Sinestro. I loved the dialog between Hal, Guy, and John, they've been through so much together and know each other so well, the camaraderie between is a real joy to read. Also seeing Kilowog is action as a field leader, fighting along side and ordering around Lanterns he himself trained and he's new rivalery with the Sinestro Corps drill instructor Arkillo is another great sight. Stay tuned for Volume 2.

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