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Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Volume Two Review

Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Vol.0 (GL #24-25, GL Corps #16-19) 
Volume Two continues with Kilowog's force defending the planet Green Lantern Mogo from the Sinestro Corps and the sentient city Ranx, Mogo compiles all he's energy to protect he's core from Ranx's Gravity Disruptor Cannons. Kilowog sends a team to Ranx to shut down he's weapons while continuing to fight Arkillo and coorinate he's force to stop the Children of The White Lobe suicide blink bombers. The Green Lanterns fight their way to Ranx's core, and attempt to disrupt he's power settings to shut him down, but are continuously keep from doing so by numerous Sinestros, when their rings are suddenly enabled for lethal force.

 With lethal force authorized the Lanterns quickly clear the core of enemies, rookie lantern Sodam Yat tells the others to evacuate while he stays behind and overloads Ranx's power systems, but he miraculously survives and rejoins he's comrades. With Ranx, and all Children of The White Lobe destroyed, The Sinstro Corps retreats and Mogo is now safe and can now protect himself, but then all Green Lantern's hear Hal Jordan's transmission that the Sinestro Corps is attacking Earth. The entirety of the Sinestro Corps lead by Sinestro, Cyborg Superman, and Superboy-Prime descend on to Earth and engage all of Earth's heroes. 

In Coast City Hal stops Parallax from assaulting he's brother and he's family, and sends Guy to get a painting Kyle's mother left for him hoping seeing it will break Parallax's hold on him, just as Hal's ring runs out of energy leaving him defenseless, giving Parallax the chance to absorb him and only John to keep him at bay. En route Guy runs into a bunch of Sinestros at Mt. Rushmore, but the whole Green Lantern Corps drops in to aid Guy and Earth's heroes. Guy brings back the painting and shows it to Parallax and as hoped stuns him long enough for Kyle and Hal's indomitable willpower to break out out him as the former Guardians Ganthet and Sayd arrived with each Earthman's Power Battery and trap Parallax in four pieces in each battery since the Earth born Lanterns can resist fear the most. Ganthet gives Kyle he's original power ring and ask him to step down as the Torchbearer and be an officer of the Green Lantern Corps with he's Earth brothers once again, which gladly accepts as all four Lantern recharge their rings while saying the oath.

Arkillo renews he's duel with Kilowog in San Diego, which Kilowog ends by dropping a Navy aircraft carrier on top of him and breaking off he's power ring and finger disarming him. When the Anti-Monitor comes down out of Warworld in New York City Sodam Yat recklessly tries to attack him and is easily blasted away. Sodam finds himself surprisingly not dead, and barely wounded as The Guardians of The Universe arrive and appoint him as the new Torchbearer and bond Ion to him, getting the attention of Superboy-Prime.

Sodam and Prime battle all across the New York state, with Sodam slowly getting use to he's newly activated Daxamite powers thanks to Earth's yellow sun, given him the same powers as Prime, while having flaskbacks of he's life on Daxam. Even with identical powers and the power of Ion, Prime is still the stronger and after a long bloody battle of destruction and posioning Sodam with lead, knocks him out and turns he's attention back to the rest of Earth's heroes. With Parallax imprisoned once again, Ganthet tells the four humans Lantern's the importance of Earth as the keystone of the Multivere, and the coming rise of other emotion powered Lantern corps which will lead to a War of Light, and the prophecy of The Blackest Night.

Before heading to New York Hal transmits a video announcement over all TVs in Coast City to evacuate the city, but all citizens decided to stay and shine green lights to show they believe Green Lantern and he's Corps will protect and save them. Back in New York City The Guardians of the Universe attack The Anti-Monitor to stop him from turning the world in anti-matter, a female Guardian is burned by he's touch. The power of the Guardians is not enough to stop The Anti-Monitor, so Guy and John come put with the idea to drop Warworld with the Sinestro Corps Central Battery atop of it on him, as it hits the ground near him every available Green Lantern help generate a huge force field around it, The Anti-Monitor, Cyborg Superman, and numerous Manhunters androids to protect the city and the planet from the explosion.

Still The Anti-Monitor is not fully destroyed and continues he's attack, surprisingly it is Superboy-Prime that comes in and flies through what's left of he's armor and then throws him in to deep space with Cyborg Superman's remains attached, saying he was gonna turn on him anyways after they took over Earth. With Cyborg Superman and Warworld destroyed all other Manhunters deactivate all over Earth, but not before Sinestro used two of them to drain the energy of Hal and Kyle rings when they arrived. Hal then uses a yellow power battery Manhunter skull to drain Sinestro's ring making it a two versus one fist fight, while the Guardians attempt to bring down Superboy-Prime, Prime grabs one and notices light is breaking out of him as the other Guardians encase them in a force field as that Guardian self-destructs to rid the universe of Superboy-Prime. After brawling through many walls and glass, Hal finally knocks Sinestro out, and arrest him as he's corps without it's leaders retreat, ending the war.

In The aftermath many Green Lanterns stay on Earth to help rebuild cities, as Hal and John discuss the Corps new use of lethal force. Superboy-Prime awakens in another universe, Ganthet and Sayd find a planet to create their new Blue Lantern Corps powered by hope, Cyborg Superman skull is found by Manhunters in deep space, and the Anti-Monitor, armorless, lands on an unknown planet when suddenly a huge black lantern forms around him. On Oa Salaak makes new power rings to seek out new recruits, as Kilowog takes leave on Mogo and shares a meal with ring constructs of he's deceased family, and on Earth Kyle talks to Guy about being possessed by Parallax, as Guy helps him feel better and tells him he's glad to have him back.

Woo-we, that was an awesome read, my favorite part in the whole book was the Sodam Yat/Superboy-Prime fight, it was a long and bloody fight, exactly what a battle between two super powerful beings should be. This story was just full of fricking cool moments like Kilowog and Arkillo fighting at the San Diego Convention Center that was set up for a San Diego Comic-Con, Superboy taking out The Anti-Monitor, and Hal and Sinestro's end of war fist fight. Of course if you read vol.01 then you need vol.02, Sinestro Corps War was is full of awsomeness, writing and visuals all perfectly put in two books with the GL and GL Corps issues in proper order to form a whole seamless ongoing story, highly recommended.

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