Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man Teaser Trailer

Wow, we exactly get to see Peter's parent in this one, that's a cool subplot I want to see how they factor it in this movie or if it's something for the next sequel. The first-person wall crawling and web swinging looks awesome, now I only hope that we get the ol' always wisecracking on the bad guys Spidey that we didn't get in the last three films. I didn't see one bad characterization in that trailer, I think this film has a perfect cast, I await to see who playing Norman Osborn cause you know he's gonna be set up to be the Green Goblin for the next movie.
If you haven't seen them here's some new pics of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man from the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. I have to say the new costume is starting to grow on me, but I am still hoping for the classic design by the end of the movie or in the next one.

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