Saturday, July 23, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger Review


Thank you Marvel Studios, Thank you Joe Johnston, and thank you Chris Evans for finally giving us a genuine serious Captain America movie. For those who worried about Chris Evans being Steve Rogers, he did great, he made a truly believable and relateable super soldier. Like Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor, Hugo Weaving is freaking perfect as Red Skull, masterfully translated from page to screen German accent and all.

Tommy Lee Jones was a real highlight of the film, he's every line was a riot, further proof having a A-List actor in a supporting role is a great move of stealing the scene but not stealing the movie. There was a great easter egg for eagle eyed Marvel fans of the original android Human Torch Jim Hammond at the Modern Marvels of Tomorrow expo. I give The First Avenger 8 out of 10 Cosmic Cubes, only really a couple smalls things like I thought could of been better like I would of like to have seen Cap exactly train to fight and learn how he could ricochet he's shield and I feel Bucky was under used and quickly killed not long after he's rescue.

Fans and I know we'll see Bucky return as The Winter Soldier, and the Red Skull has to come back either in a Captain America sequel or future Avengers film. Speaking of The Avengers, make sure to stay after the credits to see The Avengers teaser trailer that will just blow you away, every hero looks great, oh and the return of Loki. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

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