Thursday, July 21, 2011

SDCC'11: Marvel Legends Relaunch

Yesterday was San Diego Comic-Con 2011's Preview Night so last night and today we are getting pictures from the floor of up and coming action figures, the ones I'm the most psyched to see are the new Marvel Legends scheduled to come out in 2012. Over the next few days expect my blogs to relate to something revealed at Comic-Con. So with these pics thanks to Marvelous News and Action Figure Pics we see Series 1, with Series 2 to be shown soon too. 

Commander Steve Rogers: Yes! He was on my short list of wants for this new line. Love that damn costume. 
Constrictor: Sweet, a long time wanted villain by many collectors. 
Ghost Rider (Modern Danny Ketch): OK, don't know if anyone really wants him, but cool. I mean I love the 90's Danny Ketch Ghost Rider, but not a fan of he's new look. 
Hope Summers: Aye, so this goes back to an old argument of should recently new to the Marvel Universe characters show up in a action figure line titled Marvel Legends, and I say nay. Hope is far too new, and takes a spot that should of went to another long awaited more deserving character. 
Iron Man (Extremis Armor): Cool, fans have been waiting for the armor ever since Civil War. Now Civil War displays will be accurate, and another armor to Tony's Armory. 
Klaw: Another great long awaited Fantastic Four and Avengers villain most welcomed. 
Thor (Modern): Looks great, but I still have to say the Marvel Select version is bigger and better, sorry Hasbro. I'll put him the Avengers display I guess, while MS Thor will stay in the Thor display. 
Build-a-Figure Terrax: He's was revealed to be the BAF awhile ago so no surprise there. He does look good though, just hope they redesign he's hands to hold he's axe by he's release.

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